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Who can you count on?

YHC had the April 1 Q at Afternoon Delight and it quickly became a test in accountability and count ability. Also, YHC advertised a kegger and adult beverages on GroupMe in hopes of adding some fun to the workout and boosting attendance.

The first test came right at the start as YHC got tired up on a work call, then hit traffic and arrived… a little late. Kudos to Chastain who stepped up and took charge.


Don’t know, wasn’t there for it, just saw some merkins.


Mosey, grab some bricks, mosey with bricks.

  • sprinkler plank
  • Man makers with bricks
  • Some kind of Nancy Kerrigan-esque aerobics move with bricks and testing one’s balance

Leg fun

  • 6x Bonnie Blairs
  • Run 40 yards or
  • Backpedal to start
  • Repeato twice more

3 round of the Triangle of counting challenges in pairs

  • 30 dips (timer exercise)
  • Nolan Ryans with bricks
  • American Hammers with bricks

Raccoon walk on the short walk

20x Bobby Hurley with the bricks


There were multiple numeric challenges throughout the day, but the highlight came during the triangle as Chastain and Tanyatine wanted to know when Honeycomb and Raven were halfway done with dips in order to switch and on the Nolan Ryan. At least one of the dippers is a CPA but this request proved difficult. All three rounds. Chastain wanted to show off his about to count to 15 and did so the first round but soon became frustrated and refused to call it out later. Other visitors to the park were confused by our inability to count in an orderly and civil manner. Legal Zoom showed some potential to count but also fell to the desire to purposely confuse. It was chaos.

The Bobby Hurleys were designed to send Duke some bad juju so they’d throw up bricks in Saturdays game against Carolina and it worked well enough. Should have done that again Monday before the championship game.

Solid work today, even if it was only 26 minutes for YHC. Plus, kudos to HIM Chastain for EHing and guy in the park out for a run. We’ll see if he comes out or if he now knows when to avoid running at Dogwood Park.

Oh and the kegger? At COT YHC ran to the car to bring back the assorted adult beverages but a bit of April Fools! We had plenty of Little Hugs™ along with (root) beer and Izze. Tanyatine was surprisingly excited for the Little Hugs, but YHC was informed later by the absent Site Q that those are not Coke products and therefore not allowed at Afternoon Delight. But he wasn’t there to enforce it so……

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