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Golden Plates Virgin Q – you asked for it… you got it…

Six bax (bike pax) came ready to keep the rubber side down, one came late but caught up.

Off the Chain lived up to its name tonight as 7 men showed up for leg burn and gnashing of teeth.

yes we did dics – sorta explaining that not all that wander all lost.
Bosey (bike mosey) down to sphinxter corner, whoopty do dip, past white knuckle creek and roll on to cutty connector log roll, log jam, beaver siting bank, and ooh i bet that log could be a bridge bend. No casualties. Ride continued past the swamp skinny, over the bridge and climb over coyote scat hump right loop bomb of poco bonus loop. Cooter hammered the 1/2 mile hill climb. All bax reunion Recover and wipe sweat off face and crotch while I (Golden Plates) gave BDics (Bike liability warnings) and marketing materials not inclusive of a blood drive about the 4 trail options (snake gnar, bomb track, gap jump, rags corner) to reward your work of the climb – all roads lead to Rome and to take jumps at your own risk…

Bbosey (backtrack bosey) cutty connector to howard mill loop (know your history) where Cooter demonstrated the dry feet creek crossing technique for Southern Tip, Magnolia, and Kodak. crossed the creek to bosey to top of Lenny Hill. Magnolia broke a chain and cooter was nominated as boy scout of the year for being prepared with an extra link.

Wild thang, and former roadie Roomba (formerly known as I cant ride that technical stuff Roomba) rode Howards mill loop 3 times while listening to my sales pitch for a garmin watch and strava.

All bax made it back up to parking lot for family photo and to imbibe on ice cold craft beverages. Two enjoyed lagers, two hit IPAs, two hit some fruity thing I (GP) was trying to get rid of while another drank water (not a code name for natty light or pbr). Kodak got a gold star on his forehead for getting a bloody arm and doing a pre-bosey before the thang, and Wild Thang flexed and put his bike in his car by himself while Cooter convinced Southern Tip that he needs to learn to bunny hop and upgrade all the components of his bike including an oval chain ring (that was once called shimano bio-pace) . Magnolia told us how to license a 4wheeler (no silly rabbit golf carts are for kids), while I tried to explain why my bike is so tall calling myself Urkle. Roomba got award for best dressed, and I didnt. Cya next time suckas.

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