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9 total at Da Floatah (surprisingly all the Mass. pax were no shows). 65 degrees out there, no rain and no train…. So for my 3rd Q this week and 123rd overall since joining f3(that’s made up #) I needed dig deep into the Q list WITHOUT any AMRAP-ish style stuff because there are a lot of babies out there that don’t like the AMRAP… (more to come during announcements).

DICCS – not really – Centerfold came in hot on two wheel at 5:29:59 and I was distracted trying to get out of the way.


Mosey over to Center Grove Baptist Church for SSH, Squats and some MOUNTAIN GOATS = A 4 COUNT MOUNTAIN CLIMBER WITH A TWO FOOTED GOAT KICK AT THE END.

Introduced t BLIMPS = Burpe/LBC/Iron Mikes(Tysons)/Merkins/Plank Jacks/SSH – 3 reps of each— keep this in the memory bank.


Church lot (Baptist) to church lot (Lutheran): 3 rounds with of 20, 15, 5 reps- Bombjacks at Baptist and Knee Slaps at Lutheran.

Mosey to 701 Main lot – Ab Web – 1 Big Boi & 4 Hammers – did 1/2

Mosey up main street Bridge stopping along the way for BLIMPS at several intersections.

Over Bridge to big tree for partner work: P1 Step ups/P2 lap – exchange with a BLIMP

Finish up the Ab Web.

Mosey to COT for some wall work – 16 airpress/16 donkey kicks/16 Iron Mikes

Finish with a shuttle run in front of COT and 1 BLIMP for good measure

Special Guest Chainsaw – not a regular at Floater, but said he missed yesterday… commitment. Something to strive for when you see 60+ posting more than you do…..

Falcon with out a hat. I guess if it hits 60 he’s ready to roll. He’s quiet and I push him – because he is sneaky fast and a tough dude.

Centerfold making an appearance as well – good to see him moving well again and back to playing some hoops so he’s healed!!

Dana – trying to work off 2 days of The Masters pimento cheese sandwiches. Good work!

Doughboy – we put in 3 miles and he was moving – he was a big fan of the Iron Mike’s since he made us do like 100 last week

And there was an FNG – no wait it’s Ex-Lax. Dude is down 40+LBS!!!!! man is sticking to healthy eating habits and ramping up the mileage. He has the recipe for dropping the weight – reach out to him for some advice if you’re looking to shed a few.

Easy Button – still a bit gimpy at the beginning of the workouts until he warms up his OLD 41 year old body. Could be why he’s not a goat person. Likes rabbits more.

Twinkle Toes – He shared a bit about the good times he had with his father the last 5 years. Having his father relocate from Michigan to see his family grow and be a part of it. Silver lining in everything..



WTF II – April 30th.

AMRAP for Autism – Friday April 22nd at Cutty – goal is to raise $1000. 1 in 27 boys will be born on the spectrum. Next time we have a large workout group look around – and the numbers sink in. PAX standing next to you may have child on the spectrum. Divac from Fort Mill F3 has a son with Autism – he will be coming down to the HAW to further support the cause. Let’s show some good numbers for the workout and hit the goal.

Prayers up for Twinkle Toes with the passing of his Father, Dan. Doughboy’s godmother passed. And the Cushing family is dealing with a child with cancer.

There is also good news and Thanks today. We looked to the left and the right – a brother on each side who you are glad posted for, and he likely glad you posted for him.

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