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Layla & Other Assorted Exercises

Good to be back Q’ing Chiseled…great group of guys today (as always) pushed real hard and basked in my acapella Layla rendition for the final exercise…

Warm Up:

After DICCS, we Mosey around Mt. Chiseled back to COT and start warm up exercises:

In cadence…20 SSH/20 Imperial Walkers/20 Moroccan Night Clubs/20 Seal Claps/Jimmy Dugans/Downward & Upward Dog

The Workout:

Rifle carry our coupons to the bottom of the entrance hill and perform 4 sets of 3 exercises at 25 reps each: Overhead Press/Overhead Triceps/Curls…after each set we run to the top of the hill and back. While waiting for the Six, the overachievers lead the group in Ab exercises.

Next, we rifle carry to Mt. Chiseled for 3 sets of the following: Bear Crawl from the curb to the end of the next parking stall/Run to the far curb and back/Murder Bunnies up Mt. Chiseled.

Next, we Mosey to the side lot of Mt. Chiseled and sprint AYG to the other end and do 20 SSH – we return doing the same and grab our coupons and rifle carry back to COT.

Lastly, I try to get Layla playing on my phone – no dice. So, Fuse Box suggests I sing it…OK then! We plank on our coupons and I mimic the guitar riff and sing the Layla chorus…it was pretty funny and it worked…each time I sang Layla we did a Merkin…turned out to be 4-5 Merkins 4-5 times til time.


Waxhaw Trail Fest on 4/30 – looking for Ruckers; Butter Man might be organizing a discounted flight fare group trip to help Ukraine (he’ll keep you posted)

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