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Coupon Hunting- Imp/Swarm

DICCS- Given to include do not be a dumbass

Warm Up- Fast paced mosey to high school lot

15- SSH

Jimmy Dungan Stretch

Found our first coupon!!


One PAX member rifle carry’s coupon towards stop light while other PAX fast pace mosey out 15 seconds and mosey back to coupon carrier for a switch off- Continue this up to stop light

Found our second coupon!!

Continue with sprinting 15 seconds out while 2 people rifle carry downhill to median below speed bump.

Stop at median for a group exercise

2 PAX members with coupons do curls while other PAX start 7’s from median up to speed bump (1 bomb Jack 6 burpees)- first one back switches off with one of the coupon peeps- Continue until 7’s are completed

As a group do one round of 7 burpees and 7 bomb jacks between island and median.

Grap coupons back up and continue with rifle carry’s and sprinting 15 seconds down road all the way to the rock pile.

2 PAX members do big boys into press with coupons while other PAX complete 4 corners – 7 Bonnie Blairs and 7 Mike Tysons- first back relieves one of the coupon peeps- Everyone Except Chastain completes 2 full rounds .

Found our third Coupon

Rifle carry/sprint to circular island

3 Pax with coupons complete Blockees while other PAX members sprint to benches for 30 dips- rinse repeat 2 full rounds. Reset this format but change out blockees for either bent over rows or kettle bells with coupon (dealers choice ) for two more rounds.

Found our fourth Coupon

4 rifle carriers now and 1 sprinter to shed

Drop two coupons for our final event

2 peeps with coupon will rifle carry while others will sprint 20 seconds up trail and complete 7 Bonnie Blairs and 7 Mike Tysons and circle back to relieve rifle carriers- Finish at COT.


Small group today with the holiday but everyone put the work in at SWARM, even Easy Button and Chastain. I have no idea what the Impromptu guys did but since Damascus said he is not writing a Backblast they are including in here. Have a great and safe Easter boys…


Maddog will post in Newschannel about helping a family in need next weekend with some touch up work around the house. This family is the family we helped out with the funeral

Q source will be pushed out one week due to holidays

Trail fest is 04/30

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