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Amrap for Autism: Friday 4/22 @ Impromptu/Swarm

Pax of Waxhaw.

Meet Blake Faucette aka Divac from F3 Ft. Mill. He’s a fellow Pax who you might see in the gloom every morning; he’s a father, a husband, a co-worker, a friend. Two years ago his son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

1 in 54 children are born with the disorder

There is a good chance that you have a neighbor, friend, co-worker, relative or fellow Pax that has an Autistic child. I have a neighbor and a friend, Dave Culp. He has an Autistic son Colin; that’s how I got introduced to Divac – the circle of F3.

We all love and adore Brad “Akbar” Cunningham; meet Will his 12 year old son. Will was diagnosed at age 4. He has poor communication skills but has worked hard to learn to read and do math. He loves Classic Rock adn can manage 1,000 to 2,000 piece puzzles with ease!!!!! He’s a sweet kind with a winning smile.

Take a moment to read Divac’s story:

“My son Noah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in June of last year.  The verse from Jeremiah is a truth that my M and I have hung on to ever since that day.  Admittedly there have been many days where we have doubted, more than I’d like to admit, as we’ve worked to learn and navigate this new world we were thrusted in to.  When we do doubt, Noah is quick to bring a smile to our face with his infectious laugh or just his sweet demeanor – reminding us that while this world may be new to us, he has been here all along and we must only try to see things from the perspective God has gifted Noah with.

Through our journey we have found an amazing community and organization with a local nonprofit called Autism Strong Foundation.  The foundation was started to help families that cannot afford to help their children get the care they need for autism.  My M and I know firsthand, after battling with insurance for coverage, how difficult it can be to carry this burden on top of everything else.  We know many families are losing that fight or just cannot afford to help their children with the extremely high cost of therapy.  Some families must make a choice between paying the power bill or therapy for their special needs child, could you imagine that decision?”

Come out on Friday to connect with Divac, Dave and Akbar; raise awareness and raise some funds!


  • F3 AMRAP 4 AUTISM is taking over Cuthbertson on Friday April 22.
  • 0530 launch with brief warmup and explanation of the event
  • 0540 Event Start. AMRAP below workout for 32 minutes (Partner or OYO)
    • 54 shoulder to overhead with coupon
    • 54 yard walking lunge with coupon
    • 54 KB swings to eye level
    • 54 squat cleans with coupon
    • Run 1 lap around the lot
  • 0612 Clock Stops
  • 0615 COT
  • 0620 Coffeteria
  • Raise $$$$$

GOAL = $2,000

Donate on site or

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