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Repeato (repeato)

So I stole this Q from myself who stole it from myself. I think they call that recycling. That’s a good thing, right? So I did pretty much this same workout last week at Cowbell but THIS time we used coupons and not kettlebells. And we were in a different location so I think that’s OK. Wait…I’m the Q… I decide what’s OK!


A quick lap around the lot and back to the start then some SSHs, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, SSHs, and stretches and maybe some other stuff…Then grab your coupon and rifle carry to Mt. Chiseled.

The Thang

Waiting for us at the base of Mt. Chiseled is a strategically placed white board. Upon the white board are written instructions for pain.

  • Curl
  • Squat (weighted)
  • Bent Over Row
  • Coupon Swing
  • Shoulder Press
  • Merkin
  • Chest Press
  • Pistol LBC

Same as last week, we did 10 reps and sprinted to the far curb. Then we did 20 reps and ran at a 5k pace around Mt. Chiseled. Then we did 30 reps and did a 10k pace all the way down to the gravel lot and loop back around. Mary IC while waiting on the 6 or go pick’em up!

Once we finished the Curls (10, 20, and 30 reps) we moved on to the Squat and so on. We made it all the way through Merkins before running out of time. I put BLOCKEE as a joke at the end because I knew we wouldn’t make it but I wanted to get the pax sweating early when they saw the list.


Loafer and Flanders brought out their neighbor Noah, now named Slag (not to be confused with Stag who was present and slightly concerned we were replacing him). He gets his name because he’s an engineer working in a foundry on aluminum products.

This was a super simple (not easy) workout that required one explanation and lasted the full 45 minutes. About 3 miles later and everyone earned their sweat. Just goes to show that your weinke doesn’t have to be complicated to get your workout in.


  • Speed for Need – This Saturday at 8am. We have enough volunteers but you’re still welcome to join in
  • AMRAP for Autism – Friday at Cutty – We’re converging Impromptu/Swarm/Diesel for this event. Bring a coupon. 5:30am start. Bring your wallet/phone and donate for a cause

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