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Chilly Broga

Prickle & Goo (04/20/22)

The Thang

  • Warmup
    • Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall or piece of playground equipment.)
    • Neck Stretch (both sides)
    • Forward fold (w/ right leg over left leg)
    • Forward fold (w/ left leg over right leg)
    • Forward fold or Rag Doll pose
    • Standing Side Stretch (both sides)
    • Chair Pose
    • Prayer Chair Twist (both sides)
    • Tree Pose (both legs)
    • Hallelujah Toy Soldiers (like Toy Soldiers, but with arms extended above the head the whole time)
  • Vinyasa (Flow) Portion
    • Sun Salutation (partial to lead into Warrior poses)
      • Mountain Pose at Prayer
      • Mountain Pose w/ Arms Raised
      • Swan Dive to Forward Fold
      • Flat Back
      • Back down to Forward Fold
      • Jump feet back to Plank pose
      • Chaturanga (i.e., “yoga pushup”)
      • Upward Dog
      • Downward Dog
      • Three-Legged Dog
    • Crescent Lunge / Warrior Poses
      • Crescent Lunge
      • Warrior 1
      • Warrior 2
      • Reverse Warrior
      • Warrior 3
      • Side Angle
      • Reverse Triangle Pose
      • [Do it in reverse and then switch sides.]
  • Mat work
    • Table Top
      • Arm / Leg Extensions
    • Rag Doll pose
    • Cat and Cow Poses
    • Staff pose
    • Boat pose (feel the burn)
    • Seated Neck Stretch (both sides)
    • Single Leg Seated Forward Bend (both sides)
    • Seated Forward Bend
    • Cobblers pose
    • Boat pose (final burn)
    • Child’s Pose
    • Child’s Pose w/ arms extended to right
    • Child’s Pose w/ arms extended to left
  • Closing Sequence
    • Shavasana (Corpse pose)
    • Easy pose (cross-legged, hands on knees)
    • Namaste

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

With Spring Break going on this week and the weather dipping down into the 30’s/40’s, it wasn’t too surprising that broga was not super popular this morning. Still, it was a great workout with Paper Jam as we worked on strength, flexibility, and balance. Such a good way to prevent injury in all the running and lifting that we do. SYITG!


  • “Speed for Need” at Sarcoma Stomp
    • Saturday, 04/23/22
    • 8:00A
    • @ 4519 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC
    • See Rubbermaid for more details.
  • Waxhaw Trail Fest 2
    • Saturday, 04/30/22
    • 6:00A to 11:00A
    • @ Carolina Thread Trail
    • See Kid Rock for more details.
  • Lots of Dad’s Camping trips planned. Check GroupMe!
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