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Confusion early in the morning

Recently I reached out to Das Boot and asked, if he would be willing to Q Ignition – out in June! Yes, June! And of course, what is the best way of convincing another Site Q to Q at your site? Yes… commit to Q at his site. As I have never posted at The Body Shop, I went out there last week already to have some fun with fellow Pax and get to know the small, but very nice AO. At that time we were (I believe) 8 regular bootcampers and 3 Mashers or so. Well, I must have scared a lot of people, as there were parity! 4:4! Just like the score of a good old soccer game. Well, now I got distracted…


I introduced myself as Schnitzel and told the Mashers that I will not be their Q. Then I went on and wanted to give the (wrong!) Ignition DiCCS, saying: “just don’t be stupid”… and one of the Mashers (Sun Drop) was: “hey, that’s cool, now I want you to be my Q!”. Or maybe this was just wishful thinking… it was early and I am typically confused. 😉 Anyways, I gave the proper DiCCS and off we went. Moseying 2 rounds around the field and then back to the parking lot. Here we learned already that Fuse Box just came back from vacation and were talking about Universal Studios, Disney etc. Circle up and: 15x SSH, 15x Moroccan Nightclubs, 15x Imperial Walker, 15x Potato Picker, calf stretch, runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog,… Done!

The Thang

Mosey to the back side parking lot. Find two parking lines across from each other and side-walk/hop/stride between their tips. 2x back and fourth (total of 4x), do 5 Burpees. Repeat 5 times.

Mosey to the rock pile at the entrance of the parking lot, partner up (easy with 4 total pax) and grab one lifting rock per team. I said rifle-carry it back to the back parking lot but Doc McStsuffins heard mosey back. Which led to some confusion on Fuse Box and Das Boots’s side… But we all made it (safe!) and started our next round of exercise: one partner is running around the parking lot island (to the right), is doing 5 squats at the far end and comes back – functioning as a timer. The other partner is doing one of the following exercises: curls, trizeps, overhead chest presses –> this led to some confusion as it is either overhead presses or chest presses (laying on the ground), then “bend-over-pull-ups” (are they called rows?). Well, again: it was early and I was confused. I meant overhead presses. As I mixed it up again when calling the exercise, we ended up doing chest presses. Repeat until I say stop. Which was a total of 1.5 rounds. Mosey back to return the rocks.

Mosey to the parking lot in front (bus parking lot?), partner up again with a different partner. Again, one is running around the parking lot, doing 2 burpees at the far end and acts as a timer. The other is doing: Freddy Merkuries, Speed Skaters (note to myself: don’t do this ever again for such a long time!), Big Boys, Mike Tysons.

A few more seconds needed to be covered: plank, 6in plan, Peter Parkers in cadence, Parker Peters in cadence… Mosey back to COT.


It was nice to be at a different AO – I can highly recommend on going somewhere other than your usual AO’s. And I am certainly guilty of not doing this enough myself. But you see different people and have different types of workouts. Having such a small group, it was nice because we could all talk to each other pretty well – between vacationing, podcasts, youtube recommendations for kids (–> thanks Das Boot!) and just get to know each other slightly better…

All in all a pretty un-eventful workout!


  • Waxhaw Trail Fest end of April: still open slots for walkers, ruckers,…
  • Memorial Day MURPH and Poppey Bootcamp at The Body Shop – on Memorial DAy! 😉
  • Weekend before Memorial Day: big Christ Closet give-away in Monroe. Help is needed.
  • Tomorrow: AMREP for Autism. Convergence at 5:30am at Cutty! Donations are welcome. Swarmers meet at 5:15am for a pre-run.

Mayham led us out – thanks!

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