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Kettlebell Carry

In theory it sounded like a great weinke in my head (and it was) but running with a kettlebell is far more difficult than I imagined especially adding exercises in between. Hopefully the 5 PAX that made it out this morning enjoyed the push and won’t ban me from Q’ing again. Chastain mentioned I’m starting to get a reputation which I took as a compliment.

Diccs were given and I even wore the phone armband to stay in F3 compliance.


25 MNC IC and various stretching.

The Thang

Mosey over with your kettlebell to the entrance of Wesley Oaks neighborhood.

Cul de sac #1- After each set run from the bottom of the cul de sac to the entrance + 1 burpee.

-25 curls

-25 tricep extensions

– 25 overhead presses

– 25 lawnmower pulls (both sides)

Cul de sac #2- After each set run from the bottom of the cul de sac to the entrance + 1 burpee.

-25 swings

-25 squats

-25 thrusters

-25 lunges

Mosey back over to the Petsmart parking lot.  After each exercise run to the curb and back with a burpee.

-25 simba’s

-25 flutters IC

-25 AH IC

-25 dolleys IC

-25 bell pull throughs in plank position

Mosey back to COT with your kettlebell.


I’m pretty sure this might have been my first workout with C3PO so I need to apologize for having him run with a 35lb kettlebell all morning long uphill. He of course was fantastic and crushed it, but the rest of us with 25lb bells had it much easier to say the least. Bottlecap and Chastain were of course the two frontrunners neck and neck on every lap pushing each other which is always great to see. I can’t say enough about Blue Screen, the dude is 63 and just absolutely slaying the workouts like a boss. If I’m half of what he is at 63 I’ll be more than happy. Plus the juice he’s on definitely takes care of the wrinkles–babyface Blue Screen!


WTF- 04/30

Draft for WTF 6 ish at Taphouse on 04/28/2022

Opendoor Sunday Mornings- 730-845am FS (starting a new book series)

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