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Quality over Quantity at Flash

DICCS were given out, CPR, Cellphone, and don’t sue anyone…I’m not a professional but I am an Effie Award Winner!

Warm Up Mosey to the Middle School front entrance….

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Rocking Night Clubs, Arm Circles forwards and backwards, Plank it up…hold for Calf Stretch to runners pose, hand to the sky…flap jack…Upward and Downward Dog. Recover…Frankenstein walk to a car in the parking lot…Two lines for a little Indian Run to COT.

The Thang-a little Paula Abdul…1st light is 5 Bomb Jacks, run to 3rd light for 5 LSS, run back to second light…5 Bomb Jacks….to Rhudy’s Shack. Grab some wall on the shack….20 Mike Tysons, 20 Mountain Climbers…2:1. Mosey towards the Senior Parking Lot…stopping at the first traffic circle…walking lunges around the traffic circle. Mosey to rock pile at Senior Lot.

Partner up and pick a lifting rock. P1-run to the end of the parking lot and back…P2 100 curls, 100 squats with rock, 100 overhead presses, 100 bench presses…return the rocks. My timekeepers let me know how we were looking so we headed to the benches on the side of the high school. The benches near the trees do 25 dips, the benches near the school do 25 inclined murkins…repeat.

Mosey back to the Rhudy’s shack. Two lines for an Indian Run back to the COT. Time!

Moleskin– what the Pax lacked in quantity for a Monday morning, they made up for in quality. It was a great group to lead. 4ish miles is not a bad way to start the week.

Announcements: Sign up for the Murph challenge on Memorial Day. Popeye has a bootcamp that day that is awesome as well! Schnitzel tried to trick everyone to coming to Flash next Monday since we did 4ish miles in 45 minutes…what could we do in 1 hour? Christ Closet Folding Party on Saturday May 14th at 8:30am. Give away is on May 21st in Monroe.

Prayer Requests: Dana lost his Mother-In-Law last week. Keep him, his wife, and kids in your prayers for safe travels later this week for the funeral in Ohio. Pray for Mad Dog’s family as he lost his aunt (pray for his cousins) and continued prayers for his father-in-law battling cancer.

Quality over Quantity
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