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The Flash Rocks

DiCCS given and off

Warm Up and Stretch:
Paula Abdul down the path with light poles (5 merkins, 5 low slow squats alternating per pole)
at the shed: 10 SSH, 10 Moroccan Night Clubs, 10 Merkins, Calf Stretch, Runners pose – right foot, right hand, left foot left hand, Jimmy Dugan

The Thang:
Partner up at the back lot:
One partner runs to end of lot and back, while other partner does rock work
Team completed:  100 rows, 100 curls, 75 shoulder presses, 75 tricep extensions, 75 American hammers

For those that have been to my Q’s at the Flash, I almost always get the Pax to use the rocks for lifting. I’m glad we get to change it up from the usual merkins and dips. Let’s take care of those rocks and not slam them (break them)!

Mosey to other side of Geeb Jungle
On your own, 10 merkins at the top by the school overhang, 20 dips on the benches, and then 15 Bonnie Blairs at the circle at the bottom
Repeat 3X

Mosey around the tennis courts to the steps with the overhang
On your own, 5 burpees at bottom of steps, 15 donkey kicks at top
Repeat 2X

Mosey back towards COT

stopped at front of middle school for some LBS IC

Arrive at COT

WTF this Saturday 4/30
Close out by YHC

Awesome group who pushed hard.  Good to see some faces that haven’t been out in a while.  Good work put in by all.

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