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That’s Aggressive…

To celebrate my 51st turn of the calendar, YHC was asked to Q Watchtower. Getting old must mean getting grouchy as well, forcing me to think of the worst possible workout to punish anyone wanting to help me celebrate. This obviously drove me to re-look at the old IPC workouts that suck more than normal. With a few slight modifications, here’s our plan – all with a coupon (except the run).

10X Man Makers / Blockees

20X Curls

30X Goblet Squats

40X Kettlebell Swings

50X Rows

After completing all of the above, run 1 mile

Complete another round, run 3/4 mile

Complete round 3, run 1/2 mile

For a select few, complete round 4, run 1/4 mile

There was more complaining today than normal. I guess everyone wanted to tap into their grumpy old man side. However, despite the complaining, and obvious inability for many to count, everyone worked hard and it sucked about as much as I had hoped… HBD to YHC

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