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Some Assembly Required

Prickle & Goo (05/04/22)

Quotes from the Gloom:

  • “You doing okay over there Jingles?”
  • “Yeah, I just have to put my yoga mat together. Some assembly is required.”

Huh, most of us just rolled our mats out, but Jingles has the fancy kind that requires assembly. He must be a professional. In any case, on to…

The Thang

  • Warmup
    • Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall or piece of playground equipment.)
    • Hallelujah Toy Soldiers (like Toy Soldiers, but with arms extended above the head the whole time)
    • Neck Stretch (both sides)
    • Forward fold or Rag Doll pose
    • Standing Side Stretch (both sides)
    • Chair Pose
    • Prayer Chair Twist (both sides)
  • Vinyasa (Flow) Portion
    • Sun Salutation (partial to lead into Warrior poses)
      • Mountain Pose at Prayer
      • Mountain Pose w/ Arms Raised
      • Swan Dive to Forward Fold
      • Flat Back
      • Back down to Forward Fold
      • Jump feet back to Plank pose
      • Chaturanga (i.e., “yoga pushup”)
      • Upward Dog
      • Downward Dog
      • Three-Legged Dog
    • Crescent Lunge / Warrior Poses
      • Crescent Lunge
      • Warrior 1
      • Warrior 2
      • Reverse Warrior
      • Side Angle
      • Reverse Triangle Pose
      • [Do it in reverse and then switch sides.]
  • Mat work
    • Table Top
      • Cat and Cow Poses
      • Arm / Leg Extensions
    • Rag Doll pose
    • Boat pose (feel the burn)
    • Seated Neck Stretch (both sides)
    • Single Leg Seated Forward Bend (both sides)
    • Seated Forward Bend
    • Reclined Pigeon
    • Forward fold (w/ right leg over left leg)
    • Forward fold (w/ left leg over right leg)
    • Forward fold or Rag Doll pose
    • Child’s Pose
  • Closing Sequence
    • Shavasana (Corpse pose)
    • Easy pose (cross-legged, hands on knees)
    • Namaste

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

Beautiful weather for some broga this morning and definitely much needed after WTF on Saturday and the Damascus birthday/”IPC-style” beatdown at Watchtower on Tuesday. Great group of guys, including several site FNG’s!

Deep Thoughts from the Gloom

In F3 we push our bodies a lot. And we should (refer to recent admonition from Slaughter, Nantan of F3 Nation). But how much are we doing to take care of our bodies along the way? Similar to Jingles’ yoga mat, how much assembly and maintenance are we putting into them?

Following WTF, it occurred to me that each of us Pax generally falls into one of two categories; viz.,

  • Injured
  • Not Injured

What is each of us doing—if anything—to stay in category 2? Just hoping that the “injury bug” doesn’t bite us? Or actively working to prevent injury? Cross-training (mixing up the runs, boot camps, and coupon work)? Doing lots of stretching and/or yoga? Eating well? Getting rest? Reducing stress? A lot of things go in to assembling a healthy body.

Let’s do our body a favor and take care of it; our future self will thank us.  =)


  • Memorial Day Convergence
    • Monday, 05/30/22
    • 7:00A
    • @ Rea View Elementary School (320 Reid Dairy Rd, Waxhaw)
    • “Murph Challenge” and “Popeye boot camp” options
    • See Carb Load for more details.
  • Camping Trip – Blowing Rock
    • Friday, 08/05/22 – Sunday, 08/07/22
    • @ Julian Price Park
    • See Mad Dog for more details.
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