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WTF? Commitment is over there?

Well, I showed up real early, laid out some cones, went over what I expected to Q, all so that I would have enough time to sing the National Anthem at WTF and get Commitment off without a hitch…oops… I set up at the old Blackhawk site while everyone else was a field over by the tennis courts. The National Anthem was belted out and we were off to a slightly modified Q.


We mosey the parking lot and return to COT to warm up. 3 sets of 20 SSH in cadence and 10 Merkins in cadence. 10 Imperial Walkers in cadence, 10 Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence, Jimmy Dugan stretch into Downward Dog inton Upward Dog and 10 more Merkins cadence for good measure.


We mosey to the soccer field by the clubhouse and line up along the sideline to perform the following: 5 Merkins, lunge walk to the first cone (1/4 of the way from the sideline), sprint to the the cone set in the same position on the other side of the field, bear crawl from the cone to the opposite sideline and repeat the same on the return. We do an up and back 3 times.

Short mosey to the second play ground and we line up around for 15 Russian Dips in cadence, the “O” ab exercise (on your six, legs extended and circle your legs clockwise in cadence then counter-clockwise in cadence), 10 Carolina Dry Docks, and `10 T-Ups (on your six extend your arms and legs out and raise them together in cadence). We repeat this set 3 times.

We mosey back to COT for some coupon work. Working in pairs one PAX runs the length of the parking lot while the other PAX works the coupon doing tricep lifts, curls, overhead press, and chest press. With only a short time before time, we pump out 100 consecutive chest press.


Great push by everyone and many thanks to everyone picking up the 6 (me) and for all the encouragement and the push!


Check GroupMe or see Posse about the National M3 Challenge (Merkins, Miles in May).

Please pray for the Nuremberg family in Lawson as they deal with the tragic loss of a family member.

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