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Faster than a bear?

Pursuit (05/05/22)

Quotes from the Gloom:

  • “Was that a bear?”
  • “Kind of sounded like it.”
  • “Can you run faster than a bear?”
  • “I don’t have to. I only have to run faster than you…”

This may or may not have been a partial conversation that occurred this morning during Pursuit. In any case, on to…

The Thang

  • First exercise is (before doing anything else)… Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a tree or piece of playground equipment.) – on your own for about a minute
  • Mosey out of parking lot (going North on Millbridge Pkwy), around Bridgewick, and back to parking lot.
  • Karaoke down the long island, switching direction halfway through.
  • Side shuffle back down the long island, switching direction halfway through.
  • Backwards Run the length of the island, forward run on the short side, then Backwards Run back to CoT.
  • Now we leave the CoT parking lot and head North on Millbridge Pkwy, cross the bridge, and head East towards Nesbit Park.
  • Circle back for the Six and then hit the trail back to Millbridge Pkwy, this time heading South.
  • Continue up Millbridge Parkway to Roundabout #1.
  • Circle back for the Six and then head East on Creekview Dr to the next roundabout.
  • Circle back for the Six and then Mosey down Fallondale Rd to where it starts to diverge.
  • Partner up!
    • First partner heads straight down Fallondale towards the gazebo.
    • Second partner heads around Primrose Way towards the gazebo.
    • Once partners meet, they “bounce off” each other and head back the direction they came.
    • Switch directions and repeat.
  • Sustained/Sustainable Indian run
    • The goal here was to try to keep the group together for awhile doing an Indian Run.
    • So, we attempted a “moderate” pace down Fallondale and back up Primrose Way.
    • Jingles had seen this before, so he and Ex-LAX started to head back. About this time Ghosted had to head out, as well. (Note to self: If you want to lighten a crowd, just say something about an “Indian Run”.)
  • Once we had enough Indian Run with our little group of four, we headed back to Roundabout #1 along Millbridge Pkwy.
  • Run all the way down Millbridge Pkwy to Roundabout #2 and “slingshot” the half mile back to CoT.
    • As soon as the leaders of the pack got to the roundabout, turn around and head back. All other Pax turn around wherever you’re at and head back to Roundabout #1.
  • Regroup at Roundabout #1 and head back to CoT.
  • Time!

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

All told, I think everyone got in somewhere between 4 and 6 miles, depending on how much “circling back” we each did. We definitely kept the heart rate high and were nice and sweaty by the end. Premature kept taking off clothes and YHC was even tempted to lose the long sleeves (ha! crazy idea…).


  • Christ Closet Folding Party / Truck Load / Give Away
    • Folding Party: Saturday, 05/14/22 @ 8:30A-2:30P @ Christ Closet
    • Truck Load: Friday, 05/20/22 @ 4:00P-6:00P @ Christ Closet
    • Give Away: Saturday, 05/21/22 @ 7:00A-3:00P @ Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church
    • See Shop Dawg for more details.
  • Memorial Day Convergence
    • Monday, 05/30/22
    • 7:00A
    • @ Rea View Elementary School (320 Reid Dairy Rd, Waxhaw)
    • “Murph Challenge” and “Popeye boot camp” options
    • See Carb Load for more details.
  • Camping Trip – Blowing Rock
    • Friday, 08/05/22 – Sunday, 08/07/22
    • @ Julian Price Park
    • See Mad Dog for more details.
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