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Ice9’s extra long D

Started late because Ice was resetting my Disclaimer into more lawyer-speak. I could see the asterisks & addendums as he spoke. While stretching, he lamented that he misses being in the courtroom of late. So I get the feeling he may have the urge to sue someone to scratch that itch. I have a bad feeling it will be me. ☝🏿 Was that considered libel or slander? Always get those mixed up.


15 Diamond T Merkins

Rabbit at the Racetrack

The Thang

7’s on the hill by the high school
Merkins at the top
Butterfly Big Boi’s at the bottom

Place Your Bets
Partner with someone you know the least about
P1 runs 1 of 3 different length tracks
P2 does 1 of 3 different exercises of varying intensity
No one knows what the partner is doing. Maybe you guess Burpees when your partner does the shortest length? Can’t win if you don’t play.
When I ran, everyone else picked pretty predictable routes, except for Ex-Lax #SowingChaos

5 Supines
15 Donkey Kicks in the alcove
15 Wall sit with presses & pushes count as 1
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Curb offset Merkins

Animal Walk (this way)
Raccoon Walk on the benches
Duck Walk
Crab Walk

Mosey to Middle School Rock
5 Wide Arm Merkins at each light on the way back

Transporter did American Hammers
Chatterbox did LBC’s


I’m doing the M3 challenge for the month of May along with my partners Chastain, Brutus, & Raven. It’s counting miles (running & rucking), merkins, pull ups, & sit ups. I was selfish (Zin 👀) in getting my weinkie filled with as much of those as I could.

Thanks to Transporter & Ice who ran with me afterwards to reset picnic tables we didn’t get to (Pro Move [always have more ready]) & pick up my whiteboard back at the High School!

Thanks to Chatterbox who pulled an Ice9 on me – hand on my lower back to push me all the way through to COT! I go faster when your hand is lower, but we’ll have more opportunities later.


I was encouraged by the loitering & milling about after COT today! Looking forward to seeing similar numbers & activities when we hit the next Q point on Friday – The DRP! Fuse has already released his video:

Christ Closet loading party this afternoon at 4 PM. One truck is already loaded; just need the 2nd one done.

Christ Closet UNloading party tomorrow morning at 7 AM
Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church
503 Maurice St,
Monroe, NC 28112

Commitment’s workout will move to Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church

Christ Closet UN-UNloading party tomorrow afternoon sometime after 2:30 PM (Check GroupMe for exact time)
Having fresh muscles arrive to help unload is a huge mental lift to those who will be out there all day in 1,000°+ heat.

Despite being told Paper Jam has a heart, it is not reflected in his insistence to keep Paper Trail open tomorrow.

Murph & Medal of Honor boot camp convergence (all regular Monday AO’s closed)
Memorial Day 7 AM
Rea View Elementary (home of The Appetizer & Body Shop AO’s)
If you can’t do pullups, bring a cinderblock to do rows instead.
If you can’t Murph, Popeye will be Q’ing the Medal of Honor bootcamp – same time, same place
Breaking news: SOB’s Firestarter AO will also converge with us!
Saigon Sam (F3 Jacksonville, FL) is scoffing at us just doing the Murph. His region will also be doing these WOD’s back-to-back (in addition to the Murph):
+ Lt Travis Manion – USMC Force Recon – (7 rounds – 29 squats with ruck/sandbag/Cindy/vest & 400 meter run)
+ MSGT Gary Gordon & SFC Randy Shughart – US Army First Special Forces Operational Detachment (Delta) – (3 mile forced ruck march, rucks and extra sandbags and the F3 shovel flags )
+ Sr. Airman Mark Forester USAF SOC – “Jag-28” – 28 minutes of 5 burpees every minute.  We went ahead  and rounded up to 30 for a total of 150 burpees

Thanks to Wolverine for taking us out.

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