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Arm Work

8 strong men showed up at The Floater. No rain and nice temperatures. Wait… only 8? Where is everyone? I’ll try not to take it personally. Actually, with some partner work baked into the Weinke and a visit to the picnic shelter, 8 Pax turned out to be the perfect number.

The disclaimer was given and he were off! ere is what went down:

Warm Up Lap around the block

Circle Up

                SSHs x 20

                Imperial Walkers x 20

                Moroccan Night Clubs x 20

                Plank Jacks x 20

                Mountain Climbers x 20

Assign partners then mosey to picnic tables

Partner 1 works and partner 2 runs to end of path and back (flap jack)


                Derkins x 100

                Dips x 100

                Incline Merkins x 100

                Steps Ups x 100

Mosey to street in front of Mary O’Neill’s

More partner work

Partners run in opposite directions to the end of the block – do 2 Burpees and return

When partners meet on the return do 10 Hand Slap Merkins (repeat 3 times)

Mosey to half wall across from the church

                50 Air Presses in cadence

                50 Jabs in cadence

Back to more partner work at the wall

Partner 1 works and partner 2 runs to stop sign and back (flap jack)


                50 Mike Tysons

                100 Donkey Kicks

Hill work

                Bobby Hurleys x 20 at top of hill

                Big Boys x 20 at bottom of hill

                Repeat 2 times

Back to COT


Thank you Ice 9 for a brief F3 history lesson in COT. We learned about the origin of “War Daddy” and “War Baby”. Today, O69 was War Daddy and Ricky Bobby was War Baby. A great push by all involved today. It’s always an honor to lead.


The painting project has been cancelled for now.

Chatter Box is leading a camping trip along with other F3 regions to Mount Mitchell. June 17-19.

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