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I can see clearly now…

After Friday’s weather at Diesel, I was happy to have a picture perfect morning to work out at Commitment. The sun was out, the rain was gone, and we could see all obstacles in our way. We did a mosey over to the start of the trail then back to COT for a warm-up with red resistance bands:

  • Band pull aparts
  • Band up and overs
  • Front raise
  • Lateral raise
  • Mountain climbers (no bands)
  • Lateral step with band around thighs

The Thang

1 lap of partner wheelbarrows around parking lot.

Out to the street for 2 rounds of starfish with the following:

  • Dry docks x 20
  • Single leg bridge x 20
  • Reverse lunge x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • 10 High knees in the middle

Paula Abduls (up 2 back 1) up the hill using the trees – 3 bomb jacks/ 6 speed skaters.

Mosey up to Kensington playground where we partnered up. 1 partner did 5 pull ups while other did squats. Switch and repeato x 4 rounds.

7’s with a run across the parking lot. 1 end was diamond merkins, the other lateral lunges

On your six for a Webb of big boys and air presses. We only made it up to 7 BB’s and 28 air presses for this as I forgot how much I hated big boys.

At this point I was ready to start heading back to COT with a few exercises thrown in here and there, but then JWOWW reminded me that it’s a 1 hr workout, not a 45 min one….crap.

Over to parking spots for “parking spot tracers”, 2 rounds of 5 spots in each direction. Somehow Premature ended up at the complete other side of the parking lot after about 30 seconds. He might have skipped a few spots.

Mosey down to the lifting rocks where Mad Dog picked up this beast of a rock. I mean, just an absolute boulder. I kind of felt bad for him because we were doing

  • 50 bent over rows
  • 40 overhead presses
  • 30 curls
  • and 30 tricep extensions

But somehow he and Wolverine were able to keep trading off and completed all the reps. I was impressed.

By now I was completely out of ideas, but we headed back toward the parking lot for some improvised ab work:

  • American Hammers x15
  • Flutters x 15
  • Dollies x 15
  • Peter Parkers x 15
  • Hand release merkins x 10

Back up the hill with sprint intervals: sprint for 2 trees, jog for 2 trees. Mosey down to COT for some much needed stretching, and then we were done.


A lot of the things I programmed for today fell into the category of “looked good on paper but a lot harder actually doing”. That was especially true for the bomb jacks and speed skaters up the hill. Everyone did a good job though sticking it out and putting in work. Cliffhanger came out to Diesel in the thunderstorm yesterday and was out killing it again today. It’s been a minute since ive seen McGruff, but he was back in action today too. Well done everyone.


Murph/Mash Murph/Popeye boot camp on Monday 5/30, 7am @ Rea View Elementary

F3 School (formerly known as Q School) on Fri 6/3 . No one is signed up right now, so please sign up and encourage others to do the same.

Note: Cliffhanger and JWOWW didn’t come up on pax names

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