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Don’t Touch It!

DICCs were given, and it was time to head out from COT.


Mosey to the bus parking lot…circle up or actually square up. SSH, Imperial Walkers, Rocking Night Clubs, Arm Circles frontward and backward, Plank it up…Calf Stretch, Runner’s Pose, Hand to Sky, flap jack…Upward Dog, Downward Dog. Not a lot of chatter so far from the Pax.

The Thang

Starfish: Center of parking lot-5 Rodney Monroe’s (like Bobby Hurley’s but better), 1C-Benches and 20 Dips, 2C-20 Rocky Balboa’s, 3C-20 Plank Jacks, 4C-20 LSS. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to first street light….1st light-5 Shoulder Taps 2:1, 2nd light-5 Speed Skaters 2:1, repeat to the stop sign. Mosey single file to the next entrance to school. 1st street light-5 Shoulder Taps 2:1, 2nd light 5 Speed Skaters 2:1, repeat to first driveway leading to rock pile. Head to rock pile and partner up. P1-run to end of parking lot, P2 100 curls, 100 Squats with rocks, 100 Overhead presses, 100 Bench presses…put rocks back. Mosey to the Elementary school entrance. This is where things got interesting…as we were heading to the entrance a doe ran in front of us and bolted for the woods next to the school. We noticed something laying on the sidewalk. It looked like a dead animal and Blue Screen yells out “What is that?!!” Recalculating yells back “Don’t touch it!!!” It was a tiny fawn that was playing dead…once we came back it scampered off to try to find mom. Very cute! Ricky Bobby and Chatterbox helped the little fella get to the woods. Great job guys! Hopefully, he found mom and enjoyed the rest of his day like we did.

At this point, we grabbed some wall and did 25 air presses, 25 air jabs…twice. Mosey to the middle school entrance. Partner back up…P1 run the parking lot circle. P2 LBCs until he comes back. Time is not on our side so we mosey to COT for some Jack Webbs…4 Air Curls…1 Jump Squats…so on…we got to 32 and 8. Well Done Fellas!

No this is NOT Penalty Box…but I thought it fitting to show anyway. Seeing nature is another great reason to get out of fartsack and get to a workout. You never know what you might see during a workout.

12 hung out at Watchtower for Mash and Boot Camp and deer sightings. No prayer requests or announcements. Blue Screen took us out!

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