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¡Arriba! Cinco pa’ Festejar el Cinco de mayo

One Star (Una Estrella) had the keys to the garage at The Body Shop on Cinco de Mayo and you knew he’d bring the fun. There may have been some cultural misappropriation with maracas and sombreros but there was plenty of fun and a solid workout, complete with Mexican music and adult beverages afterwards. As has been stated, Una Estrella does not disappoint.

Except maybe for the MASHers. UE decided that anytime he ran by the MASH crew and yelled, “¡Arriba!” everyone should do 5 burpees. For the second the week in a row there was a minor Q Jack at The Body Shop against the MASH crew. The fun music eased the pain some and in the end the revolution was halted and iron was sharpened among the five PAX for Cinco de Mayo.

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