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Ex Gon’ Give It To Ya

Just not in the backblast. He ain’t got it so you can’t get it. Let’s leave it at that ’cause he ain’t with it.

8 pax at the ‘bell on Wednesday. A mosey to the Wesley Chapel Town Hall (yes we have one) for some warm up exercises. Fortunately these were the only things Ex-Lax led in counting which turned out to be a good thing. Counting is hard, guys.

The Thang consisted of a whiteboard with some chicken scratch handwriting that was supposedly instructions for the remainder of the workout. We’ll take Ex’s word for it. The heiroglyphics translated roughly to:

  • Curl
  • Tricep Extension
  • Pullover
  • Chest Press
  • Goblet Squat
  • Weighted Big Boi

Round 1 – 10 of each then run to the curb and back – 3 times total
Round 2 – 20 of each then run around the Petsmart and back – 3 times total
Round 3 – 30 of each then run around the Hickory Tavern lot and back – 3 times total

The Moleskinny

Most of the conversation centered around the new Top Gun movie where those of us who haven’t seen it tried to avoid hearing spoilers. We learned Mad Dog was a poster-on-the-ceiling kind of guy.

Prayers for the family of the Marvin Elementary 5th grader that passed away unexpectedly. Prayers for Damascus’ 2.0 Riddler who had a trip to the ER. Things appear to be OK for now but he’ll be monitored.

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