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The OG Workout

Eight (yes you read that right) pax came out for this mornings installment of Flash. I commented as the pax were streaming in that it was a bunch of OG’s. Average F3 years had to be above 4 this morning. The Jester was chirping hard on my shoulder once again about pax intentionally skipping my workout, but J-Woww stepped in with the reminder that it was the first day of no school and a lot of pax sleeping in. I looked around again and realized only Inspector Gadget and myself had school age kids. Either way, 8 pax at Flash is down right pathetic. About that time. DiCCS with a quick reminder of why we do it (buddies wife found their neighbor unresponsive on a trail and started preforming CPR on him until medics came). 5:30, lets go.


Mosey to the school connector road. I see a bus coming so a quick audible to Jimmy Duggans while we waited on it to pass. Progressive Merkins at the light poles heading past the high school. Start with 1 merkin at the first light and finish with 12 merkins at the last light. The mumble chatter started increasing around pole 8 and there was almost a full on mutiny around pole 11.

Mosey to the middle football lot for various stretches: Jimmy Duggans, Calf Stretch, Upward and Downward Dog. Short Mosey to the main football parking lot.


The idea was to have at least 5 groups of 2, but with only 8 people I had to modify. 4 stations at each corner with two extra “stations” as part of the rotation. So it kinda looked like this:

  • 20 Tricep Extension w/ Rock and 20 Curb Dips
    • Partner pushes up the hill
  • 10 Turkish Get Ups & 50 Toe Taps
    • Run to next station
  • 20 Curls & 20 Rows with a 27lb bar
    • Partner Pulls down hill
  • 10 Over Heard Press w/ 25 or 30 lb dumbells and 10 Carolina Dry Docks
    • Run to next station.

Using a water fall rotation (you don’t rotate until the group behind you gets to you) we went through each of the 4 stations twice. Again, the 4 groups instead of 5 made that waterfall rotation a little more difficult but we managed.

Time Check, oh man, its already 6:07. Where did the time go??! The entire express part of the workout is going to have to get shortened. Mosey up the hill to the rock (I had planned to do that 3 times but only enough time for 1). Then progressive Jump lunge/jump squat/jump lunge/jumps squats at each light pole. Audible after 2 due to time (2 min left). Mosey to Middle school LED sign and collect pax then jail brake to COT. Another workout of using the echo of the whistle. (Shout out to 1980’s Clemson Football Coach Danny Ford taught his team to hit through the echo of the whistle).


  • I called J-Woww Sugar Daddy today at which he appeared to be offended (what’s up with that SD?). J-Woww playfully questioned if I thought all bald guys look the same to which I of course replied “Yup”. He then threated that all red heads looked the same at which Elmer’s then became offended that his looks were being compared as similar to mine (WTH?!!).
  • We were so spread out today that its hard to call out all the pax, but I know my partner, Inspector Gadget, put in some good work today. He had to push and pull my fat ass around campus a couple times and just for that he deserves a pat on the back.
  • Lots of partner chatter around which muscles actually burned on the partner pulls. I think we settled on it was the quads and not the hamstrings. With all the gear, the partner work seemed to worst (hardest). I had put that on hiatus due to covid, but have been itching to bring the pushes and pulls back.
  • I apologized to the group for having to skip the express piece of the workout to which Rockwell quickly spoke up and said “no, thank you”.
  • Great to hear that Premature is in the home stretch in finding a new job. Currently going through salary negotiations with a local company in Monroe. Good luck!
  • Continued Prayers for Chainsaws Niece Anna Beth as she battles breast cancer.
    • I believe Chainsaw’s daughter is getting married soon too (like either this past weekend or this upcoming weekend). Good luck getting the final daughter off the payroll Chainsaw.
  • Prayers for Roomba’s buddy who is recovering from brain surgery
  • Inspector and I started listing out all the pax that are hurt and the list started getting fairly long. Scarily long in fact (my theory that running is bad for you continues to gain steam with all these running injuries). Some are so hurt that they can’t make it to mash, but for those that can I highly recommend staying involved/connected with F3 through the Mash group. Its was designed to keep the guys who are nursing injuries involved, even if they can only stretch.


Shop Dawg looking for help building out the inside of the new Christ Closet trailer. He must have been drunk when he added me to the new CC Trailer Build GroupMe channel as I have very low building skills. If you want to help in some way, or have building skills (cc: Strawberry, Twinkle Toes, and Magi from the ramp build project), then get with Shop.

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