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You are Evil

Excited to Q after long break. I was running the winkie again and again in my head. Couldn’t wait. Was excited to see a large crowd. Now contemplating partner workouts. 

DICCS given – We are here on purpose and let’s get to it. But you are here on your own will.


Warmup mossey up to school entrance. Squat toe ups as we wait for everyone to join. Mossey back to parking lot behind COT where there were some iron tables. Dips as we wait for everyone. Let’s lift tables. I thought there was not enough tables for everyone and called out to select a partner. Was planning to one partner to lift the table while the other do the running. But realized there was enough tables for everyone – audible to cancel partner workout. This confused the pax a little bit. But we got going. Don’t remember the count but we did alternate lifting and dips.

Run to elementary school parking lot. There are number on the wall 1 to 12. Start at spot #1. 1 burpee and run around the drop-off loop and then go the the next spot #2… 2 burpees and run to the next spot …. So on till 10. Heard transporter call me evil. Dunkin was crushing it. American hammers and big bois while wait for pax to finish the routine. Run to middle school drop-off zone. Mike Tyson – Donkey kick web followed by air-presses. Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the drop-off loop. Partner 2 does LBC’s. Round 2 would be big bois. 

Since I had confused the pax while lifting table, Decided to go back and get it correct this time. Web – table lift / Step-ups / dips. Time to return to COT. 

Schneider mentioned that watchtower was no burpee site … whaaaaat, I did not get the memo.

Dunkin mentioned there was no chatter among the pax as everyone were pushing hard (If you are talking you are not working). 

I think we achieved the purpose.

penalty-box again stepped up to encourage us. YHC took us out. 

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