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The Warmup

Mosey and circle up for leg stretches to prepare running up and down the hill

Theme was Team AMRAP

The Thang

PAX ran down hill together, waited in plank at the bottom for 30 seconds, and ran back up the hill start four corners which ended up being three. Each corner 5 dry docks, 5 heels to heaven and 5 low slow squats.

Repeato except this time run up and down the hill twice and then complete three corners with 10 dry docks, 10 heels to heaven, and 10 low slow squats.

Repeato again with 3 times up and down hill and added another 5 at the three corners.

The humidity was awful!!!!!


July 4 Convergence at Asylum – theme 1776 reps for everyone and details to follow next coming weeks

Pray for friend Donnie he recovers from blood clots (he is part of Open Door bible study through Teams)

Continued prayers for Premature son and right job opportunity

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