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Abort the Mission

DICCS– Given to include all the norms- cell phone, CPR, modify

Warm UP- Hot lap down trail (due to large crowd it was around this time I decided to abort my mission to Lawson) and around school near cafeteria for…

15- SSH

plank it up- runners pose right/left

Upward and Downward dog

Mosey to the trail and face transporters shed

The Thang

Light pole sprinting- sprint up and mosey back to each light pole to shed.

When at shed complete 10 Bomb Jacks, 10 Jump Squats and 5 burpees on your own

Mosey up to circle island- 5 Bomb Jacks, 5 Jump Squats and 2 burpees on your own.

Mosey to large lot and partner up and grab a rock

p1- 150 curls, 150 triceps, 100 bent over rows, and 100 military presses

P2- Suicide sprints to parking lot lines and back- each partner hit first line then go to next line and so on…

Group sprint across lot and back

Ab Webb- 1 big boy and 4 crunches of my choice – either regular or pistol LBCS. we got to 7 and 28

Mosey back to circular island 5 bomb jacks, 5 jump squats 2 burpees

Mosey to shed 8 Big Boys and 32 Pistol LBCS.


Great group today with a good bit of chatter while putting in the work. As always it is an honor to lead such a great group of HIM. It also is a honor to become site Q again- not sure how I will manage without my Flash Bother aka ROCKWELL but I have a feeling me and Magnola will make a great team as well. I appreciate Chatterbox and Transporter trusting me with their site and flag as if you ask around that might be a bad idea– lol Few call outs below

Chainsaw is an absolute beast dude is double respect and crushing it like a 30-40 year old

Ex-Lax– proud of you brother- logging the miles and dropping multiple LBS… Keep it up

Premature– My boy is killing it at the workouts and when he passed gassed and about killed Easy Button

Chatterbox- Glad you’re off the injury list and your speed is back- crushing it

Sledge– Putting in the hard work and no sights of letting up

Plunger- Dude has dropped some LBS and is running with the PAX– HELL YEA.

Easy Button– You still a dick!! Nothing like sprinting with you and I think I am holding my own and you just add another gear or two at the end to easily beat me, yet again. It is like a game to you to let me think I am going to win— AHOLE!!


Food needed- Nonperishables for Akbars church- many families in need with kids out of school- breakfast items, snacks.

Convergence on July 4th, 1776, at Asylum

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