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Amaaaaaazing day for a workout!

Pretty much mid-June with temps in the mid-50s, next-to-zero humidity, chilly breeze in the air, fresh legs and record numbers of PAX turning out to push themselves — what could be better?!

That might be happening somewhere today in the F3 Nation, but not in Waxhaw, so instead we get the real BB…

🎸🎶 Wayne’s Wood! Party time! Excellent! 🎶🎸

YHC was coming in hot at 0514 for Ignition and the three brave PAX had already given up on the Q, partially thanks to a site Q who could reach YHC until late last night.


YHC have a quick disclaimer and skipped the warm-up because it’s Ignition. We headed down the back path to the high school and stopped at Transporter’s shed for 10x dinner kicks, to which Bottlecap that the Q was distracted by the shiny object and making this up on the fly. Yes, to the former and not completely to the latter. Donkey kicks sounded like a decent warm-up, right?

Head to Wayneswood (who came up with that name?) and do a build-a-Webb with alternating between T-merkins and jump lunges at driveways. 1:2 ratio. We climbed up and then laddered back down to 6 & 12 going along Wayneswood.

Head back up Dobson with fartleks bereaving alternating driveways. Circle down Wayneswood again with starfish crunches at every other driveway. Back up Dobson with 5x calf raises at any house on the right side with a vehicle in the driveway. Only 2 or 3 don’t have a car in the driveway. Head back to Cutty stopping for 3x Peter Parkers at every other light.

Back in the school parking lot there was another shiny object where we stopped for little baby dips at the islands before finding some rocks for curls, then merging with the men of Flash for a return to COT.


What occupies people’s garages so that they leave so much money outside in the driveway? One house has 2 Range Rovers and two other cars outside of a 3-car garage. Probably have some sweet cardboard boxes, Beach cruise bikes and Razor scooters inside.

Solid work this morning in a hot and muggy morass. 74° and palpable humidity by 0600 is no joke. Bottlecap and Easy Button led the way while Dasher felt pity on the Q and hung back. A lot of sweat was left on the mean streets of Wayneswood this morning and YHC greatly appreciated the company, humor and snarky comments to power through.

Also… Runflat was back out with the Flash this morning and took us out. It’s been a little while and Sugar Daddy invited him to take us out. When we said we haven’t been doing ball of man in a while, he wasn’t having any of that and told us all to circle up and share some man-sweat. Great to see you back out, brother!

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