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Beware the Q who can’t tell time

Landfill took the Q at The Body Shop on June 9 and no one warned us that he couldn’t tell time. Well, it’s not that he doesn’t know how to read a clock — he likely excelled at that in kindergarten — it’s just that his eyesight isn’t what it was in kindergarten making it difficult to see how much time is remaining. But honestly, that’s the beauty of The Body Shop and goes well with the mantra that your product is returned in better condition but maybe not right when you expect it.

Landfill actually had a well laid out workout with a run to Rea, some rock work and a starfish. Then we headed up to the field and wandered around there for a good workout. Oh, wait, there’s still time left. This is when we questioned if there really was another starfish planned out it was just improvised. Either way, it worked and men left tired.

The most commendable part of all this was that YHC asked Landfill to Q just the day before at Dromedary, having forgotten that the Thursday Aspen AO is right by his house. YHC knows the joy of having a workout nearby once a week to allow for a few extra minutes of sleep and revived the offer. But no! Landfill reached out and said he’d do it. Thank you, Landfill, for taking the Q and setting an example that we should all remember.

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