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Keep It Simple Stupid

Much llike this backblast will be, Fridays Impromptu was simple and effective. Mosey down the hill towards the shed, do a few SSHs (OK, more than a few) as well as various stretches, then grab a lifting rock for the main event.

The Thang

At tthe bottom of the hill at the shed the rep count will always be 30. At the top of the hill at the covered awning the rep count will always be 10. If 2=1 is possible then do that. Each time you get ba k to the rocks rotate clockwise one rock

  • Curls / Speed Skaters
  • Triceps Extensions / Mike Tysons
  • Ches Press / Big Bois

Intermission with some Up/Downs until someone said make it stop. Do a Burpee. Repeato then do 2 burpees. One more time and end with 3 Burpees.

Back to the rocks

  • Overhead Press / Staggered Merkins (10 each arm)
  • Rows / Squats
  • Front Raises / American Hammers

Chastain is a Jackass, the exercise, done on the wall of the shed. Mosey back to COT and finish with some Mary.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads

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