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DICCS given to cover everything since the NATAN was there doing a site inspection

Warm Up- Hot Lap around Tavern, Chick- Fil-A, and through Target lot and return to COT.


Plank 30 seconds- runners pose right side and left side

Calf Strech- 5 Merkins

The Thang

Rifle carry or walk to tavern while doing triceps extensions with your Bell.

Partner Up

p1- Run up to second island towards Pet Smart

P2- 75 of each as a team- Step ups into a press, Big Boys into a press, Squat into single arm press.

Switch Partners

p1- Run to second speed bump near Verizon. (Fast speed)

P2- 100 of each as a team- Kettle bell swings and flutters with Bell over your head.

Switch Partners

p1- Run to second speed bump near Verizon (Fast speed)

50 – Merkins and slide bell over to other side of body after a Merkin.

50- Bent over rows.

Head back to COT while Rifle carry or Triceps extentsions


Great group today with some good chatter. Cowbell is a great workout and if you have not attended- get out of your comfort zone


Painting project this weekend- SIGN UP!! looking for a few good men for a few hours- Walnut Creek- Check GroupMe.

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