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It’s Not You, It’s Me

10 guys showed up to lift weights at Chiseled today for the second longest day of the year. And what a beautiful day it was. I arrive early to drop gear off at the stations only to return to COT to be chastised by Elmers for not allowing him to help. Good job on being there early – bad job for not coordinating the day before. I’ll give it a B+. TB rolls in blaring shitty music as usual. I believe it was Mariah Carey today (that’s not a joke). The crowd slowly starts to grow. About time for DiCCS and we only have 8 people (I needed at least 10 for what I wanted to do). As I give DiCCS 2 more pax roll in (Thank You!), but as we start to mosey out I notice 4 are staying behind to walk (Dang it!) so numbers are screwed up again. What’s up with these low summertime numbers??!!


Mosey to the backside of Mt Chiseled where we line up on a marking lot line for the following:

  • 1 Merkin the crawl bear to the next line
  • 2 Carolina Dry Docks and crawl bear to the next line
  • 3 Merkins then Crawl bear
  • 4 Dry Docks and Crawl bear

Repeat that pattern until we arrived at 10 Dry Docks. Around 7 or 8 I started getting the numbers and exercises confused. Thanks to Magnolia for keeping me on track (“Fuse, evens drydocks, odd merkins”). This sucked just enough to get some angry mumble chatter thrown my way. Mosey to the other side of the mountain for walking lunge twists for about 20 yards. Bypass asking when I made this up…”Oh, about 20 seconds ago”. I had not planned to stop for lunges but it felt right, and I wanted to do some sort of stretch with it so why not add a side twist….there ya go.

Continue moseying back to the scene of the merkin dry dock crime and call for them again just to see if they would start a mutiny. No overthrow of the Q but plenty of hell no’s. I calmed them down with Potato Pickers instead followed by leg crossed hammy stretches and calf stretches. Added two rounds of 5 ranger merkins and 5 wide arm merkins to get our total Merkin count up to 45 (not bad for the warm up).


Partner up for the following station work (yes, this is a complete rip off from my recent Flash workout, but since not enough showed for it I decided to run it back hoping for more people…I was wrong so I modified the rotation).

  • Shoulders: 10 Military Press with either 25’s or 30 lb dumbbells. 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Keep switching back and forth until told to rotate
  • Biceps: 21’s with a 27lb bar and hammer curls with either a 35lb kettle or 20 lb dumbbell
  • Triceps: Overhead Tri Extensions with 35lb dumbbell. Bent over tricep extensions with 8, 10, or 12 lb dumbbells. I was asked for a count and responded go until it burns.
  • Legs: 10 Turkish Get Ups and 40 toe taps

After I called rotate, partners would move to the next station by doing either partner pushes or partner pulls. After a full run through all stations we did a lap and repeated again. After we finished the second round and second lap of running I gathered everyone at a station where we either riffle carried the heavy gear or Frankenstein walked the lighter gear. Repeato at the other gear stations until all gear was at my car.

3 minutes left so we took turns calling out an exercise while one person did 10 supines (because we do about 90% pushes in F3 and not nearly enough pull exercises). The circled up exercises included squats, merkins, and a smattering of ab stuff.

Cliffhanger attempted to call time when the clock struck 6:15 but I didn’t relent as we still had three guys who had not done supines yet. I finished before 6:16 so I all is well.


  • Thanks to those that did come out today. Where are the rest of you?
  • Modified the rotation on stations once more but I actually made it worse with partners having to push or pull to every station change instead of just 2 as planned.
  • Cliffhanger and Sparrow are both competing for best FNG add. Cliffhanger has a month on Sparrow and has been coming to Q Source, but I have a feeling Sparrow is going to give him a run for his money. Two great recent additions to Waxhaw. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting either one yet, get to a workout early or stay late to talk to them.
  • It was good to see Surge out there today who has been nursing multiple ailments. Getting old is hell. I must be getting old as well as I’ve got a couple things slowing me down as well.
  • Cliffhanger was my partner and put in some work today. He had to push and pull my FA from station to station.
  • Magnolia had no quit on the merkin/dry dock warm up. Dude is a beast. Of course he is, he went to State.
  • Speaking of State – Elmers rocking the Wolfpack gear and red bandana this morning. Go Pack!
  • It was also good to see Bypass this morning. It had been awhile. The excuses of new baby (almost a year old?) and new job (6 months in?) are becoming harder to use. Glad to see you back in the gloom.
  • O-69 and Sparrow walked all of the pavement at Five Stones…every square inch.
  • God help whoever was Doughboy’s partner on the push and pulls. Never be a former lineman’s partner on a partner push. It takes them back to their happy place of pancake blocking.
  • TB redeemed his bad music by putting in work on the stations today.


  • Rice and Beans needs help tonight
  • Painting for the Orphans this Saturday 9-12. See Twinkle Toes or Third F Opportunity channel on GroupMe for details.
  • Shop Dawg is rescheduling the trailer build since he has covid and is sending everyone to help with the Orphan Painting Saturday.
  • Also this Saturday at 9:00 will be our first summer installment of F3 Dads. 9:00 at Cuthbertson High School Football Parking lot for a short workout followed by a kickball game and doughnuts.
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