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Pursuit Wienkie Recycle

For those that were there on that cold morning about 18 months ago, this workout likely felt familiar. I do remember not having enough time to get to the hill suicide sprints that day….unlucky for today’s pax, we did have time for hill suicides. 10 pax strong, lets go.


Mosey to the school stopping for different stretches along the way.


4 quarters. If you picture the school parking lot as a square (except it not), then we did this:

  • Jog the long straight away
  • run up hill for the next straight away
  • All you got on the next straight away
  • Walk/recover to the front of the school speed bump.

Repeat 4 times – thus 4 quarters. I asked if we needed over time. Ghosted remembered but no one else did as I heard a couple “Yes’s”. So we did it a 5th time. I asked again if we needed a second overtime. Surely no one is that d… Damn it Bratwurst. So we repeated again. I decided not to ask again.

Meet at the school entrance for hill sprints to the stop sign. All you got up the hill. Recovery pace down. Repeat 3 times.

I joked that I was going to allow the fast guys who didn’t know what a merkin was a chance to stretch their legs out a bit on a longer distance run. I don’t think they found that as funny as I did. Mosey to the covered bridge. Catch your breath Calf stretch there against the bridge/railing.

Short mosey to the circle of houses in front of the pool. Run the “half circle” and recover mosey the straight away/main road. We did this 3 times.

20 minutes left. Suicide Hill Sprint time. From the Nesbit trail to the round-a-bout and back. Gather pax then back up the hill to the road on the right just before the round-a-bout. Gather pax back at the start. Only 5 minutes left so we cut the suicides short and opted for another (4th) loop around the half circle houses and then a lap around the parking lot. Finito.


  • The Clydesdales got 5 miles in so I suspect Tuck and Brat and the rest of the fast Gazelles got in 8.
  • Crossed out the S in Clydesdales above because Ex is real close to having to turn in his Clydesdale membership card. Dude was pushing hard today and even switched roles on me a couple times turning around to tell me to keep going. Wasn’t that me to you a year ago???
  • Like the last time I Q’ed Pursuit, this workout was less pursuity and more expressy. I may be wrong, but pursuit seems to be more long distance running at the same speed where express tends to vary the distances and change the speeds. Apologies to those that showed today hoping to stay at a 5k pace for an hour. That’s just not my thing (thang?).
  • Ghosted hanging back acting like he’s not checking on me to make sure I don’t have a heart attack. Sneaky site q. Great job today keeping up with the 6 and yelling our for cars.
  • I told the guys at the start that I’m a clydesdale and if this workout wasn’t hard enough, just run harder. I quickly learned at the 4 quarters that Tuck could have sprinted the whole time and still not been as winded as me. I do think I started to break him on the final suicide hill sprints….who am I kidding, he was smiling as he lapped me.
  • Smithers attempted to bribe me to stop the suicide hill sprints. That might be my new business venture. Q unbelievably dumb stuff and wait for pax to pay me to stop.
  • Robocall beasting his first week as a site Q. I expect good things from him.
  • Good to see Flip Phone out. Now get back to work, my Verizon service sucks lately.
  • Turnbuckle with his fastest walk this year and we saw a little bit of running out of him on the down hill. No Mariah Cary this morning.
  • Learned post run that Ex, Smithers, and I share similar frequent bathroom visits after 5 mile + runs. I often complain to my shield lock after express that I feel like someone played the bongo’s on my abdominal organs. I think Doughboy’s doctor said it best – some men are built to run and some men are built to fight. Of course he was looking at Doughboy when he said that and not me, so maybe I need to get my FA out to pursuit more.
  • And last but not least Wolverine with the post workout picture assist by donating his towel to be used as a phone holder. I almost got a slight head nod in agreement out of him when I said that running is bad for you.


  • F3 Dads workout this Saturday. We will kick off our Saturday F3 Dads Summer Series. I will be looking for other pax to step up to take other Saturday’s throughout the summer. 9:00 at Cuthbertson High School. Short workout followed by Kick Ball.
  • Turnbuckle with a plethora of announcements but I was still seeing double at this point. I believe it was blood drive, rice and beans, and Twinkle Toes Painting. See TB for more info on the blood drive date. Its in July. I’m pretty sure Das Boot and I have been banned after multiple pass outs so we need one of you other guys that don’t pass out to step in our place.

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