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SLT Meeting – June 2022

A small group of Pax (like you) met Thursday morning with Purpose and the aim of Accelerating the men of F3 Waxhaw. Just like the Nation, our Region’s Purpose is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of Male Community Leadership. Our Purpose that morning was to renew, revitalize, and reinvigorate the Fitness, the Fellowship, and the Faith aspects of how we function as a region.

This group, formerly call The Board, has been rebranded as the Shared Leadership Team (SLT) for the region. The change in name was made to better define what this group is and does for the region. A Board has managerial, supervisory, investigatory, or advisory powers and that’s not us. Instead, we’re here to be leaders that are building the road forty-three feet ahead of the pax behind us; meaning we’re looking at where we (the region) are and where we (the region) want to be and figuring out a plan on how to get there.

We are here to create a vision, but we need YOU to make it happen. All of the items below need your participation and assistance. Feel free to volunteer before you’re voluntold.

There’s nothing secretive going on. We’re not the Illuminati mysteriously pulling strings to make things happen. We want transparency because eventually we can roll off and one of you reading this can be the new SLT. We did talk about a lot and not all of it was fun or interesting, so here’s some notes on what we discussed:

1st F (Fitness):

  • Regular convergences coming to an AO near you! Are you at Flash each Monday, every Monday? Do you even know where Asylum is? How many Bushwood regulars can you name? Do you know what the average weight of a coupon is and have you ever attended a workout that uses them on the regular? We don’t need a holiday to get everyone together. Starting in July we’ll be doing MONTHLY convergences with no reason other than to get more guys together.
  • Do we need another reason to get together? Definitely! Do we need goals and challenges designed to make us push harder? Totally! Could they also be Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless? Absolutely! New and different Challenge opportunities coming soon. Do you have an idea for your own challenge? You’re Freed to Lead! You don’t need permission! Go grab a buddy or 3 and make it happen. Let us know and we’ll market it for you and probably do it alongside you! Go Challenge yourself!
  • You put in the work and now you want the credit. How do we do that? Backblasts! You’ve seen them before. Some are short, sweet, and to the point. Others are long-winded and cover everything that happened. Some are funny and others are meaningful. Regardless of which type is written, the Backblast serves several important functions. They create FOMO (Google it), they provide a reference for future Qs, and they allow us to create metrics for attendance in the region. WE NEED THOSE BACKBLASTS! Start writing them.
  • Have you heard of the Buddy System? Well starting soon we’ll be implementing the Battle Buddy System. When an FNG first posts in the region they often only know one person or maybe even no one. It’s tough waking up early, exercising maybe for the first time in a long time, and doing all of that with a bunch of random sweaty dudes in a middle school parking lot. We need YOU to step up and become a Battle Buddy for an FNG. You would stick with them during their first workout, make sure they understand the silly names we have, pick them up from the 6, get their contact info, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: follow up with them later that day and get them HCed for their next workout. Rinse and repeat until they’re a regular; for however long that takes. Does that sound like you? Of course it does! More details coming soon!

2nd F (Fellowship):

  • Weekly lunches (or hang outs)! – What’s that? We had semi-regular monthly 2nd F lunch get togethers and now we’re talking about doing this every week? You’re DAMN SKIPPY! But this time we’ll be leaning on YOU to make these happen. Just like a Q for a workout we’ll have a Q for each week to decide the when and where. Wanna be a Site Q for weekly hangouts? Let us know!
  • Family fun! Remember last year when we did that cookout at Five Stones? Remember how much fun you, your M, and your 2.0s had? Wouldn’t it be great to do that AGAIN? Yep, we’re working on that as well. Get involved!

3rd F (Faith):

  • There are two simple ways to give back:
    • Donate your time
    • Donate your money
      • Previously we did a 100 Pax Challenge (100 Pax donate $100 each)
      • New opportunities forthcoming!
  • Circle of Trust (COT) – We close every workout with a Circle of Trust; a time where we count off, name off, do announcements, and then close out. How can we be better? By making the COT more open and more accessible to all Pax. That means normalizing the close out with options other than a prayer. DON’T FREAK OUT! If that’s how you like to close it out then DO IT! But the focus here is normalizing other options. Here’s a few:
    • Challenge the Pax
    • Read a poem or lyrics of a song (that maybe challenge the Pax or have particular meaning)
    • Provide Words of Wisdom
    • Give Shout Outs
    • Share your F3 Testimony (Was/Now)
    • Moment of silence
    • Own it. Make it yours. It can be whatever you want. You can still ask if anyone feels lead to say something or you can appoint someone.
    • Let’s phase out #cradle2grave


  • Big changes coming to the website! More content, easier Q signups, better calendar view of events, pictures of past events, and even STATS and METRICS (we need your backblasts)!!!


There’s a ton to be excited about but it all of it is FOR you and BY you. We need your help. Don’t coast. There’s no such thing. You’re either accelerating or you’re decelerating. Are you still waiting to lead your first workout? Have you been here a few months, you’re a regular at a site, and you know that Site Q is looking for a replacement? Have you been waiting for someone to put together a time to hang out so you can get some 2nd F in? Are you eyeing the sign up sheet for Rice and Beans and wondering if it’s right for you?

I’ll answer all of those for you. Do it. Lead the workout. Sign up. Organize the get together. Give back to a community in need.

If you’ve read this far, thanks. F3 and this region means a lot to me and I hope it does to you too. If it does then I would implore you to look around and see how you can make it better. If you see a need, fill a need. If you’re not sure what or where but you want to help, just ask and we’ll plug you in. You guys rock.


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