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Floater-ing with a Chicken

Diccs given to include all the fun stuff- cell phone, cpr, modify, do not sue…

Warm up- Hot lap around Dream Chashers and down north providence to bank parking lot.

10 SSH- someone spots Chatterbox and Good Fella takes off to go find him while we stretch some and break off into two groups to go find Chatterbox and Goodfella (meet back up at stop sign on Providence)

Head across street to apartments to finish stretching and find Good Fella .

Hill up the hill and pass COT to the and head to church lot on North Jackson street.

The Thang (some parking lot work between the two church lots) – N Jackson and High streets

Lot one 10 Bomb Jacks – Lot 2 Bonnie Blairs (3 round) but each round adds a burpee– This kind of sucked $%#.

Mosey down to 701 Main for some Ab work- Webb

1 big boy /4 LBCS or pistol LBCS whatever the Chicken calls for we got to 7/28 ugh!!

Mosey to Greco Fresh lot pretty much holding hands with Easy Button the whole time down the damn sidewalk since he would not move the F%&K over, or let me take the lead, geez man. Finish our AB webb

8/32-9/36-10/40— With pretty much Flawless counting on my art as usual.

Mosey up road and crossroad to the bridge – Mosey back to COT


As always, I am honored to lead such a great group of HIM men. Great group today with lots of chatter and recipe sharing- Pretty sure Dana, Shneider, and Recalculating exchanged a few good top recipes from their favor cookbooks.

Cliffhanger- hell of a job today dude- you’re getting faster and running longer- keep it up

Good Fella- damn dude! off a year and still smoked everyone

Easy Button- suck it

Schneider- glad to hear your loud ass voice in the group again!!!


1776- Monday 7am Asylum- be there and bring a coupon and if you a site Q bring your flag–

Floater needs Qs for July- Step up and don’t be afraid. you got this!! Get out of your comfort zone- Reach out to Easy Button or Mad Dog

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