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The new (old) format of the Tues/Friday strength workouts has been working pretty well, so I decided not to mess with a good thing and I kept it going this Friday.

Warm up was pretty minimal. Started off with some cat/cows just to get the spine moving, also some mountain climbers. Then into…

The Thang

Tabata timer set to 40 sec on, 10 sec off. We did 2 rounds each of the following

Superset #1:

  • chest press
  • skull crushers
  • single leg bridge
  • crab dip on bricks

Superset # 2:

  • lateral raises
  • low slow squat (w/ coupon if able)
  • front raises
  • lunges (w/ dumbbells)

Superset #3:

  • shoulder press
  • speed skaters
  • triceps kick back
  • bent over row

Superset #4

  • reverse curls
  • standard curls
  • hammer curls
  • cross body curls

We moved on to some ab work while 4 pax at a time did inverted rows (“supines”) on the handrails. Ab work consisted of:

  • flutters
  • LBC’s
  • plank

After everyone completed 2 rounds we finished off with side plank, heels to heaven, and calf raises. Some did calf raises off the curb while others did “CALFtain Morgans”; basically a Captain Morgan stance with a calf raise on the leg that’s down. This “new” exercise was aptly named by Flanders. Landfill was clamoring for more leg work so this made him happy.


Awesome to see a sizable crowd out at Diesel this morning. I was shocked to learn that Stag and Slag are not related to each other in any way. I always thought they were relatives, or at least good friends, but no. Pure coincidence…unless they were messing with me.

We’ve been getting some consistent guys including Surge, Spitz, Mayhem, and old reliable, Penalty Box. We had Dinero (NOT De Niro) who was on his 3rd workout in his first week of F3. Keep coming out brother! Nice to see Lambeau down at Five Stones with us. Draper was putting in work as usual with zero complaints. Great work today gentlemen.

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