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Bring the Heat at the Body Shop

Pulling up to the body shop I wanted to do a little more of a burn and Hiit workout, since we are in summer and some folks are working on their speedo look.


  • Mosey around the parking lot and circle up
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • Maracan night clubs
  • Downward Dog
  • Upward Dog
  • Calf Stretches

The Thang

  • Mosey to the bottom of the road heading out
  • Repeat the following at each light (left and right) until the 2nd fire hydrant
    • Mosey to street light –
    • 20 speed skaters, 1 is 1
    • 20 LBC’s
  • Grab two rocks that you can hold in each hand
    • 100 curls
    • 100 overhead triceps
  • Mosey to the street entrance by Rae rd and back to the fire hydrant.
  • Heading back, repeat the following at each light on the left until the last light
    • Mosey to street light – 20 dry docks
    • Mosey to next street light – 20 heals to heaven
    • alternate
  • Mosey to the parking lot on the far left.
    • 10 Elbow Plank Merkins tied with In/Outs
    • 10 one arm plank side crunches (start in a plank, lean onto one arm/one foot, hand on head and crunch your knee to head and repeat on the other side.
    • 5 scissor merkins (hand over each hand) Since Deadbolt and Honeycomb have never experienced I decided to do 5 with them.
  • Next 10 minutes
    • Sprint to first light on right, rest 30 seconds
    • Spring back to tree, rest 30 seconds
    • Repeat until 10 minutes are up for some fun High Intensity efforts.
  • Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin

Lots of fun today, always nice to introduce a new exercise and see reactions.  Everyone did great with the new exercises.  It was warmer than I would like, causing excess sweating, but we completed it.

For the most part we stayed together, with Tanyatine pushing it. It’s great to see how much deadbolt is showing up and even more exciting to see Honeycomb again. Das Boot always providing the entertaining conversations, plus a good showing of Mashers today.


Blood drive 7/ 9-16 @ Weddington United Methodist Church.  Signup @ and search for F3.
F3 Dads Saturday 9am
Tanyantine tomorrow on Q at Lastcall, he thinks 🙂
F3 Lunch Greco Fresh today at noon.
Mayhem working on another opportunity for 16-20 PAX for a weekend in August, more to come.

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