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Dazed and Confused

Weather = hot and humid with a mix of hill repeats. There was some GroupMe chatter yesterday calling out the difficulty of certain workouts. I’m not going to give hospital name or F3 name – but his initials were DW. So my only requirement for the workout was to have certain, unnamed Pax feel the glory of a Floater workout and for myself “To Q it – you must do it” (never said how fast or slow in my case. Woke up with a stiff back and had to do some pre-walking- but the show must go on).

The Warm up

Mosey over to Center Grove Baptist Church. SSH, Cherry Pickers with an old man groan. 3 Burpees for attitude adjustment. LSS, wide arm/diamond merkin. Mosey back behind the new apartments (N. Broad Street and Price). Not sure if we have named this hill yet? Open to suggestions: “Priceless”, “30 Days Free Rent Hill”,…..


Thang1 or confusion 1 that’s how I roll. How I remember describing the task. From the near-middle-ish of the segment. Partner up. P1 runs to bottom of N. broad Street hill does 7 Knee slaps. Partner2 runs opposite direction to stop sign does 7 merkins. Meet in the middle with your partner for 5 T-Merkin Partner Hand slaps. Total of 3 rounds. Some confusion on what makes a full round and I also saw Dunkin running past multiple stop signs on his way out of town before I called him back.

Mosey over to Greco Grill Shopping Center: (at COT we would find out this is not the Greco Grill for PAX F2 Lunch and it’s on a Thursday???). Each grab a parking space – go counter clockwise. 2 parking spaces of Bear Crawls followed by 1 space of Pax must have heard bearcrawls What I probably said were Crab Walks. Complete Circle.

Mosey down around to S. Broad Hill (does this have a name) for some more hill work. Partner up again. 7’s. P1 at bottom Bobby Hurleys- P2 at top Burpees – meet in the middle for 5 Hand release Merkins. I think we got to 6-ish here. I was teamed up with Sea Bass- who is a relative newcomer. Line of the day to make me really feel old as I looked like I was suffering from a stroke or heat stroke: “Keep it up – you’re doing great” fabulous.

Start mosey back to COT – stop at shopping center for 64 chair air press, 32 Donkey kicks…mosey back to COT and finish with 16 BH’s.


This is where the dementia sets in. Circle up – go around and totally forget Surge, Schnieder and Sea-Bass

OneStar – Seems to becoming a regular at The Floater or just likes slumming in the mean streets of Waxhaw. Good effort up until the family picture…

Dunkin, Ice, Dasher and EasyButton were pushing the pace today (no different than any other day) Need to give these guys the workout route ahead of time. Also good to partner with one of these guys as they run more than half-way on the P1 work (thanks dasher)

Dana and Chatter were solid – didn’t hear much from either – but both were in front of me – so I could have been too far back to hear complaints…

MadDog – Pulled up with a back tweak during the warm up -not sure if the weird grunting sounds set him off – but he hung in and completed the route like a champ

Sea-Bass – he must be running on the side or just a runner – Holding his own for a newbie- great job.

Schnieder and Surge – Yes, they were there – Mashing and Moseying. We even heard them during our Run to the hills. Please respect your fellow Mashers – they are nursing injuries and don’t need their feelings hurt.

Deadwood – a few months off and a few extra lbs on his own admission. He’s craving a tough workout so much that he wants to Q it. Welcome Co-site Q Deadwood. Mad Dog ceremoniously handed the Floater flag off this morning. Thank you for your service. It’s partly in your hands DW “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it”. Good luck to EasyButton as he works on his replacement next….

Announcements: lots of debate on lunch today noon at Greco Grill – Wesley Chapel – noon

Blood drive- coming up soon – but I don’t see it on any of the Calendars in GroupME (the authoritative source)

It doesn’t get any easier – the workouts. I’ve been doing this 6+ years. I wish I was faster, could run further and crush more of the workout…(and also remember the Q I planned on doing). But I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for rest of you. I need to move out on more 2ndF and 3rdF. There’s always more to be done…..Today was just the start..

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