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It was a hot and humid morning and I figured we’d need to cool off so I incorporated the Fire Hose into the workout, but the only fluid it produced was our sweat.


We mosey to the Five Stones entrance and back to COT and perform the following exercises: 20 SSH (cadence) 20 imperial walkers (cadence), 10 big arm circles (forward & backwards), 10 potato pickers, 10 merkins (cadence), calf stretch, upward dog, and downward dog.

The Workout:

We rifle carry our coupons to Mt. Chiseled, line up along the curb, and begin to make our way across and back the parking lot performing 3 sets of murder bunnies 1/4 of the way, sprint 3/4 of the way, bear crawl back 1/4 of the way, lunge walk 1/2 the way, and rifle carry the coupon the last 1/4 stretch.

Next, the PAX are each given a number to signify the order in which they will drag the fire hose the length of Mt. Chiseled and back while the other PAX perform 15 reps of the following exercises (breaking after 5 exercises to run a lap around Mt. Chiseled): merkins, heels 2 heaven, overhead press, curls, speed skaters, Mike Tysons, LBCs, chest press, supermans, broad jump, dry docks, flutters, overhead TRIs, , toe taps, lawn mowers (flapjack), low slow squat, mountain climbers, and Bobby Hurleys – repeato if time permits. We rifle carry back to COT for a set of 21s (curls) then we have a nice day.


Check GroupMe for details: A very heartfelt plea by Elmers for all PAX to sign up for Church on the Street (F3 Waxhaw responsible for the 4th Sunday of each month), F3 Dads post-Saturday fun-filled workouts with 2.0s (time and place TBD), Annual Dad’s Camp 8/19 – 8/21 (registration open on GroupMe).

NOTE: Venus attended the workout, but I could not link his credentials to the BB.

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