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Five PAX began their Mosey only to be confronted by a rangale of deer – – we prevailed, the deer scattered, and we proceeded to show them who really ran the campus.


We mosey up the hill and back to the school entrance then perform the following exercises – 20 SSH (cadence), 20 big arm circles (forward and backwards in cadence), 10 potato pickers (cadence), 10 merkins (cadence), calf stretch, upward dog, downward dog.

The Workout:

3 sets of 33 low slow squats, 10 donkey kicks, 50 air presses in squat position – after each set we ran around the parking lane island.

At the base of the hill we start with 2 merkins and at each lamppost we we add 2 merkins to the count while running from post to post. At the top of the hill we repeat the sequence.

We mosey over to the parking lot beyond COT for a starfish, 3 rounds: 2 burpees at the center, 10 step ups (each leg), 15 dips, 20 LBCs, and 20 plank jacks.

With a few minutes to go we mosey back to COT for exercises called by the PAX: 10 Heels to Heaven, 10 Bobby Hurleys, and 20 Low Slow Squats.


Check GroupMe for details about: Annual Dad’s Camp 8/19 – 8/21 ; Saturday post-workout Dad’s camp, and upcoming blood drive.

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