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Thrice as Nice!

June 21, 2022

It’s hard to believe that I’ve Q’d so many times that I’ve already Q’d more than once at more than one AO. Now I just need to Q at Dromedary. Are you listening @deep-dish and @premature ??

I thought of the idea for this Q the day before. IMHO, this was the Everything Bagel of workouts.

DICCS were given, then I announced:

“Welcome to Waxhaw Express, I’m your Q, Dasher”

Waxhaw Express warmup:

Mosey to car turnaround area on side of school.

SSH x10

Moroccan Nightclub x10

Downward dog / Upward dog

ONCE The Thang (WXW Express):

Slow run down service road towards Twelve Mile Creek road, stopping to do 5 SSH at each light.

Stopped at Twelve Mile Creek Road and did Low Slow Squats while waiting for the Six.

Run down Twelve Mile Creek Road to entrance to Elementary School and do Merkins while waiting for the Six.

Run toward Elementary School and run one lap around car loop in front, meet at painted rock for the Six.

Mosey over to rock pile area

TWICE The Thang (Asylum)

Here I announced “Welcome to Asylum, I’m your Q, Flanders”.

Here the workout stations were arranged more or less like a Right Angle. Don’t remember what a right angle is? Look it up. Proceed from one station to the next station and then Repeat AMRAP-Style.

Station One: “Target”

Do 5 Merkins, then FORWARD SSHs to the next station. A Forward SSH is where you do a SSH while propelling yourself forward.

Station Two: “Petsmart”

Do 15 Squats, then run backwards to next station.

Station Three: “Brooklyn Pizza”

15 Heels to Heaven then lunge walk to next station.

Station Four: “Wesley Chapel Town Hall”

15 tricep extensions with rock then bear crawl to Station One.

Rinse and Repeat.

We did this for the time allotted and then then moseyed to COT.

THRICE The Thang (Diesel)

Here I announced, “Welcome to Diesel. I’m your Q, Two Hand Touch”

With our coupons in hand did the following exercises off of the whiteboard:

Curls x15

Squats x15

Tricep Extension x10

Calf Raises x20

Military Press x15

“V-Up” x10

Bench press on back x20

Blockies (Burpee with Coupon) x5

Did about 1.5 rounds of this before time was up.


Near the end of “Diesel”, Doughboy said “I’m glad that we won’t get to Blockies again” because he knew that time was almost up and we were only a few exercises into our whiteboard list of exercises. Which prompted me to immediately skip a bunch of exercises and call for us to do Blockies AGAIN just before time was up. That’ll learn him!!

I took us out.

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