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How many Nightclubs are there?


This was a Substi-Q for our Nantan Chastain. I agreed to Q it for him on the condition that he helps name my FNG on Wednesday, July 13th. My FNG is my younger brother, Dave. He lives in MA. Check out all the AOs in MA!!

Picture Caption: HELP!! I’ve fallen and I can’t escape this BLEAKNESS!!! Any hip HIMs live in these them parts?

It looks like young*er (*est) Lipson Bro is scheduled to be bequeathed an F3 name at Dromedary on July 13. All the cool kids will be there, so don’t miss it!

Brief DICCS given. All veterans, so nothing lengthy required.


Mosey towards Novant Health Building.

On the way there, 5 low slow squats at both street light.

At Novant parking lot, line up at the curb and do “SSH Forward” to opposite curb on other side of parking lot. SSH Forward is a SSH with forward momentum. Kinda like walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Circle up:

This is the part where I wanted to make up crap exercises for other cities/countries starting with an M, besides Morocco.

Memphis Nightclubs: Moroccan Nightclub WHILE doing a slow squat.

Plank up:

Runner Stretch 1: Right foot to Right hand.

Calf Stretch: R foot over L foot, then do 5 Merkins DURING the calf stretch. Where is Damascus when you need him?

Runner Stretch 2: Left foot to Left hand.

Calf Stretch: L foot over R foot, then do 5 Merkins DURING the calf stretch.

Mumbai Nightclubs: Moroccan Nightclub while standing on one foot, then flapjack and do it on other foot (Per Loafer’s request).

The Thang:

Mosey to Wesley Chapel Town Hall

Partner up. Each group of partners will use one rock.

I wanted to incorporate some Isometric Exercises into the workout.

From my friend Google:

Isometric exercises areĀ tightening (contractions) of a specific muscle or group of muscles. During isometric exercises, the muscle doesn’t noticeably change length. The affected joint also doesn’t move. Isometric exercises help maintain strength.

P1 runs to the far curb while P2 does the following exercises, then swap the rock with your partner:

Hold rock directly in front of you (Isometric)

Tricep Extensions

Hold a squat. Try to maintain your legs at a 90 degree angle.

Hold rock directly over your head while on the balls of your foot (Calf exercise/Isometric)

Static Lunge (Hold a lunge position with the rock. Isometric. Swap legs half-way through).

“V-Up” (On your back bring rock near ground with arms extended then bring up while swinging your legs up at the same time).

Bent over rows

Bench press on your back

Mosey to Hickory Tavern. Stop at each light on the way there for 5 Low Slow Squats.

Whiteboard of Pain:

I brought out a big whiteboard.

P1 runs around the traffic island while the P2 does the exercises. Then swap.

Exercises were:

Low Slow Squat



Air Presses

All pretty easy, RIGHT?

It was only a few exercises in when Stag said “Wait a minute, what is under the white paper on the board?”

To which I replied, “Don’t worry about what’s under the paper!!”

We did the exercises AND THEN…….

I declared “$H!T IS ABOUT TO GET REAL!!” as I ripped the white paper off the board to reveal:



Jump Ups (2 legged jump up, if you can do them safely. Otherwise, do a Step Up).

Heels to Heaven and Beyond (3 leg positions, not 2. Legs at 0 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees to ground).


Time up just as we were moseying back to COT.


As usual, great work by everyone. I MIGHT add other cities to the Nightclub tour, we’ll see. Mumbai is a mother trying to balance on one leg.

Some mental notes:

J-Woww: Good seeing you at Asylum, brother. I don’t usually see you at this AO. Come back again.

Fuse Box: Your mumble chatter helps the time pass. Your consistency at F3 is impressive.

Sledge: Keep it up, bro. You worked your ass off; the payoff is evident. Keep it up!

Mute: You can throw anything at this guy. He’s like a machine, he just puts his head down and grinds away.

Loafer: Great being your partner today. Always a good sport and never slacks off. “Oh, Yeah!!”

Flanders: Killing it with the reps and form. There must be really good water in the Flanders/Loafer Wesley Oaks subdivision. Maybe I should move there.

Stag: A little tardy to class today, but I appreciate your attendance. It was great having you there (only partly because you rounded out the group to 8 of us). That reminds me, You’ve been to several of my Qs, but I’ve never been to one of yours! Flanders, get him on the calendar.

I took us out.

Announcement: Blood Drive. Guys PLEASE donate Blood if you can. I doubt if any of us can truly appreciate how important this is.

Sign Up TODAY!

Peace Out, Bruhs!!

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