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Badasses and Cinderblocks

DICCS- given to include all the normal stuff- cell phone, cpr , modify

around this time, we noticed there was not flag!!! Somehow the dynamic duo has found their flag up near the school that someone must of place there– Then an argument started about who, what,when, where, and why the flag was left.

We are off

Warm Up

30- SSH at random places

Calf stretching- runners pose- few merkins and end up in lot with rocks (Which has no pavement now (Ricky Bobby and Schnieder are doing up grades)..

The Thang

Grab a rock

7 Squat thrusters and rifle carry 1/4 of lot and sprint to end and back- Keep this same theme going and once at end of lot rifle carry back to start.

10 curls and 10 triceps extensions following same theme- sprint rifle carry

Mosey to bottom of hill up front

2 PAX grab two conder blocks and walk while rfile carrying up the hill in the opposite direction

Other pax run up hill for 10 mike Tyson at top and 10 Dry docks at bottom – 3 rounds of this and rifle carry (once you pass a pax with a cinder block you take it and counting rifle carry after one blockee and they join group doing Tysons and dry docks)- HORRIBLE IDEA!!

Now we work on sprinting around lot– sprint around drop off lot and mosey on the curves- 3 TIMES


Little rush due to flight– great group that pushed hard today– Great seeing Ricky Bobby back out


downtown clean up

Blood drive

2nd F Maxwells noon Thursday

Prayers for a family friend of Magnolia

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