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Good thing the humidity was high today as nine Pax joined me for this installment of Impromptu. Not sure where we would go but could have guaranteed you our hands were going to enjoy the new pavement.  Some Pax follow directions of the Q and some do their own things, had to be there to figure out who was who.

As 5:30 rolled in DiCCCS were given, and we were off. Starting with a Mosey to the front of CMS we completed SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, some stretching, and Merkins. From there we broke into two lines, and completed a Burpee Indian Run to the front of CHS. A little partner work for Dips, Step-ups, Dirkins, and Incline Merkins as the partner (timer) ran around the island. Next was a Mosey to the alcoves for 7s of Tysons and Donkey Kicks. As the Six was not picked up we started a Web of Big Boys and LBCs. After five had a little Mosey to the front of CMS. Partner work again starting at the crosswalk for two rounds, partner one runs the long loop while partner two started a Bear Crawl around the island. As partner one returned they completed a Burpee and started crawling as the other ran the loop. We then completed six and seven of the Web and returned to COT for Flutters till time was called.

Everyone pushed hard today, and as two Pax liked the abs after the 7s while the six was finishing we started the Web. Now that pavement in front of the school is perfect no gloves needed.

Please keep Magnolias 2.0s friend in your prayers as they are meeting with doctors to formulate a plan to kick cancers ass, as well as Mad Dogs FNL.

There are still a few openings to bleed your own blood tomorrow morning at Weddington, if you have not signed up and in town please consider. The next 5 Q Source deal with relationships we have or should have, be on the lookout for more details.  Tomorrow after Commitment head to Downtown for cleanup then Coffeteria and wrapping up with the blood drive.

Mad Dog took us out.

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