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How to welcome an FNG

Date: July 9, 2022

What’s a good way to welcome an FNG and his 2.0s to F3 Dads? Following very YHC-esque exercises based on animal movements, take an unnecessarily long run from Cuthbertson HS to the middle school gaga pits, leaving the 2.0s exhausted before the fun starts. Then when one of the pits is half full of water, head to the other pit by way of angry wasps. YHC took the first sting but didn’t tell in time to stop a 2.0 from following the same path, including getting stung. Then we find out that there may be some allergies in the family, so before we even get to the fun, the FNG is consoling his daughter and then hurrying off on the long trek back to the car.

After this crazy episode, we called an audible and played a hybrid soccer/cricket style game on the middle school patio where more dads came up gimpy.

The FNG did not get a name and YHC was concerned he’d never return, but Cliffhanger did get him back out on Monday where he did get named. YHC would have lobbied for Epipen or Honeybee or the derivative Pharma Bro, but the PAX opted for Stagecoach.

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