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Loosen Up and Keep Moving


Kick off with dynamic stretching. The routine was the horrendously named “Cal Poly Hip Flow” (rolls right off the tongue right). A lot of thoracic rotation, hip loosening, etc. designed for collegiate athletes before practice:

  • Hip rotation Left / Right
  • Reach high stretch out
  • Hands on ground / Downward dog x3 pulses
  • Kick one leg back, scorpion style, hold, then bring down and up to hand to a runners stretch
  • hand on knee, push out loosening the hips, count x6
  • still in runner’s stretch, elbow down, then hand reach high x6
  • up on feet (one pointed forward the other 90 degrees to side) front leg straight, bend back into a cossack squat, pause, come up straighten hips, into forward lunge, raising arms into sun worshipper stance, then back to cossack x6
  • Downward dog, x3 pulses and repeat from scorpion position, for the other side
  • flip over to crab walk stance, shift to one arm, and do hip thrusters x6, repeat other side
  • flip back, wide stance and back to downward dog, pulse x3
  • (forgot thoracic twist here, keeping legs wide, 1 hand on ground, 1 reach to sky, rotate x6)

Warm-up at quick pace of 15 reps: SSH, IW, LSS, at end, hold at bottom of squat and a little more dynamic stretching

Enough preamble, muscles loose, energy pumped, over to road along parking lot. Pair up, or trio-up, and with your group each pax grab a cone. In our two groups, each group sprints down the road for 15-16 seconds and drop cone. That’s your running distance. Return

The idea was that within each group we’d sprint together and slower PAX would have less distance to run so with each round any PAX can finish first and we push each other to the end.

Enough setup – in your pair or trio, each group works together for 40 seconds doing an exercise, then 15 seconds to transition. 5+ Rounds of :

  1. Run: Mosey to starting cone, sprint back
  2. Merkin (who wrote what on my whiteboard?!)
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Double kettlebell Squat/Swing:
    • up position: standing kettlebells at side;
    • down position: at bottom off squat, kettlebells at peak of your swing (nearly eye level) with arms parallel to the ground
  5. 1 ARM Row – go heavy with the kettlebells

The 15 seconds of rest might not have been enough, as it seemed we (or at least I) was always catching up. But that was the idea too. Keep moving, no break, it’s only 25 minute of real work anyway right.

Wrap up with some Mary: Freddie Mercury, Mountain Climber, Dolly and maybe one other, not sure, Dolly had me gasping.


Worked some of the kinks out of this at The Appetizer last night only to find some new ones this morning. We started with about 8 minutes of the dynamic stretching and other warm-up so we didn’t have to burn time with a warm-up mosey (suck it up Deadwood). FUTURE TIP: skip the personalize distance measuring for the sprint and just pick a fixed distance. After the first sprint, slower PAX move their cones by the amount they lost that first race & it should be more competitive for the rest.

I always love Cowbell. It is a challenging mix of running and lifting. I went light on the kettlebell work (too light maybe) but we did get in that extra time with active stretching (even you young guys know you need it) and kept a steady barrage of movement without break.


Monthly convergences are going to be a thing

Ask Posse for other things, we can’t remember

And stay tuned for a lot of great ideas in the works from our ambitious Nantan. Postpone the mutiny. There’ll be unexpected pleasure after the initial pain (twhs?)

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