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No Real Fruit

The Goo (07/20/22)

Quotes from the Gloom:

  • “You bringing any fruit on the campout?”
  • “Not allowed. Only fruit snacks and fruit juice. No real fruit.”

Alright, well that upcoming campout is going to be pretty wired in a couple of weeks.  🤯

In any case, on to…

The Thang

A bunch of my standard favorites—“Bernie Sanders” (a.k.a., “peppy calf raises”), neck stretches, sun salutations, a bunch of warrior poses for strength, tree poses for balance, boat poses for core work, and even some crow pose for attempted “next level” yoga-ing. The crew was definitely up for the challenge.

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

Beautiful weather for some broga this morning and a veteran crew out there with Paper Jam, Bratwurst, and Zinfandel. Great to have McGruff coming out consistently, as well, as he shows us how it’s really done.  😉


  • Next Monthly Convergence!
    • Tuesday, 08/02/22
    • @ New Town Elementary at 5:30A
    • All other Tuesday sites closed down, so come for bootcamp, running, MASH, etc.
    • See Carb Load or Premature for more details.
  • Camping Trip – Blowing Rock
    • Friday, 08/05/22 – Sunday, 08/07/22
    • @ Julian Price Park
    • See Mad Dog for more details.
  • F3 Dad’s Camp
    • Friday, 08/19/22 – Sunday, 08/21/22
    • @ YMCA Camp Thunderbird (Lake Wylie, SC)
    • Spots are going fast!
    • See F3 Lexington for more details.
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