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You’ll Get Nothing and Like it!

4 Pax joined me for a hot and humid Bushwood, we need to keep moving and lay off the rocks this week. As we approached 5:30 reviewed DiCCS and we were off. Would a shovel flag magically appear while we were out only time will tell?   

A quick Mosey to the front lot for some SSH, Merkins, Stretching, Moroccans, and Imperial Walkers. Then we were off, nope not stopping at Turkey Hunt. We stop at Red Twig for alternating Dry Docks and Big Boys. Then off to Painted Turtle for 7s consisting of Burpees and Squats. At Running Horse we start a Big Boy and LBC web. First couple of rounds then to the circle at Running Horse and Groves Edge, then a few more. Now for some Billy Mays but wait there is more we stop at the other circle at Autumn Blossom and Running Horse for a few more rounds. We then proceed to the path back to school and wrap up the Web. A Mosey to the brick wall by the gym and we complete 54 air press, 36 jabs, and 18 Donkey Kicks. With 30 seconds to go we Mosey back to COT.

Not to forget Deadbolt whos name will not save on the Pax list, continues to crush it.

Everyone worked hard and pushed themselves. Not many announcements other than Shop Dog building out the trailer for Christ Closet details on Groupme, and in a couple of weeks Bushwood will converge at Watchtower. There is a good amount of roads that are just waiting to be explored at Bushwood, come out Q and lead the exploration. Follow Groupme for the Corporate move to Slack coming in the near future.

Twinkle Toes took us out.

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