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Diesel 7/22

11 PAX launched into the Gloom at 5:30 in the 5 Stones Church parking lot for a 0.0 workout with Coupons.


Warm up – In Cadence

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Mountain Climbers “slow” – more like Peter Parkers
  • Don Quixote

Phase 1

Extracted from if you want to get visuals on the exercises. Each exercise is performed for 1:00. Rest 0:15 between to get instructions for next exercise:

  • Inchworm – Perform as quickly as you can without losing form. From upright position, forward fold (keeping legs straight) and walk your hands out to Merkin position. One Merkin at bottom each time. Walk your hands back up.
  • Burp MC 5 – Burp (like a burpee, but no hop or merkin) with 5 count Mountain Climber
  • Curtsy lunge hop –  Step backward with right foot past left hip. Drop right knee and bend left knee. Propel upward and swing left elbow up. Repeat each side for 30 seconds.
  • Parker Peter – Plank position, right knee toward left elbow. Left knee toward right elbow.
  • Side Plank Leg Lift (aka Plank Fonda) – side plank with lateral leg lift. Keep hips level. Repeat each side for 30 seconds
  • Makhtar N’Diaye – 30 seconds starting with one elbow first, then 30 seconds with other elbow first.
  • Skater lunge into Running Stance. Focus on speed to other side, but get control / balance before moving back to other side.
  • Windshield wipers with bent knee. Upper back maintains contact with the floor.
  • Side plank rotate on elbow. Elbows stacked at bottom.
  • Single-leg Deadlift. Both hands down to standing leg. Moving leg is in line with back.
  • Bridge March – On your 6, lift hips into bridge position (back in line with quads). March knees toward your chest one at a time.
  • Superman Plank – RHH LFH. Raise right hand out in front with raised left foot. Hold for 3 seconds. Flapjack.

Phase 2 – Get Dumbells/Bricks

Each exercise lasts 0:45. Rest 0:15 between to get instructions for next exercise.  All I know I got from a Google image search for “dumbell exercises”. This is a great example.

  • Grip Curl
  • Tricep Kickback
  • Alternating Front Raise
  • Chest Fly (on your 6)
  • Reverse Fly

Phase 3 – Get Cinderblock / Kettlebell

  • Goblet Squat
  • Chest Press
  • Swing
  • Overhead Press
  • Side Lunge

Phase 4 – Repeat Phase 2 w/ Dumbells/Bricks

Close-out with Mary

  • LBCs
  • J-Lo
  • Merkins
  • American Hammer
  • something else??


Any time a “runner” gets involved in a 0.0 workout, you have to look at the Site Q and say, “are you sure they go the memo”?  Well, since YHC has actually attended as a PAX to Diesel, we were close to the site standard of 0.0.  In fact, even with GPS errors, YHC’s Garmin registered 0.04mi. Probably get a B+ from the Site Qs for distance covered…

Thankful for a morning to be alive, missing my Diesel carpool with Endo, and had some nice sweat marks on the mat! and ground.  Great to hit a different kind of workout, and YHC felt this one through Monday in different areas. Thank you to Site Qs Brutus and 2-Hand-Touch for the opportunity to lead.


  • Service Project – Christ Closet distribution at White Lake, NC on Sept 10 & 11th.  Catered dinner Saturday night.  House available for 27 to stay overnight.  Contact Mayhem for details.
  • Q source meets weekly 0630 Fridays at Cuthbertson Middle.  According to the OUTLINE at, if last week was the M (your spouse), this coming week topic will be the Shorties (your kids).
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