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Body Shop Scavenger Hunt

8 Pax (Note to Admin need to add Watergate to pax list) joined for today’s very quickly put together scavenger hunt. I had plans to incorporate Mash into the workout, but with no Masher’s present I improved a little. We also had an FNG from Spartanburg join us which Noonan apparently drug out. He was questioning why Noonan put him in a pair of gloves before the workout but I believe he was thankful for those gloves by the end.


Short mosey to the Rock Pile to grab a lifting rock. Jimmy Duggan with the rock, upward stretches with the rock, and then 28 curls and triceps on your own (why 28? Because 20 wasn’t enough and today is the 28th). Rocks to the side. For the rest of the workout, this would be our home base. We would find our way back here for 28 curls and tri’s after each clue.


Clue 1: Find something with 44 on it. Veteran site pax knew immediately it was the new fire house. As we made our way there I called 5 in/outs at each light. When we got to Firehouse 44, we did 44 Merkins broken up into 3 sets. To return back to the rock pile with played leap frog with one pax running and the other lunge walking.

28 curls/Tri’s.

Clue 2: Find Alaska. Once there, what number state is it and what is the capital. Juno was the consensus on capital so we avoided actual burpees. We also all agreed on 49 as the state number to which a quick google check confirms was right. So we did 49 Aussie Burpees broken up into 5 rounds. I gave the pax an out asking them to do 9 on what I thought was the final round but it would have only gotten us to 39. J-Woww so graciously corrected me and then felt the wrath of the rest of the pax in doing so.

28 curls/tri’s

Clue 3: Find a ball and a hoop. Once there we took turns shooting the ball. If you miss, 8 of a called exercise or you could choose to go double or nothing. First round everyone did layups and I believe only Jwoww missed and he didn’t have the confidence to to double or nothing so we did 8 merkins. Round 2 got us a little more distance. One pax missed but went double or nothing and made it. I think we only ended up doing 8 bobby hurly’s here.

Time running out so we skipped this rock visit and went straight to the swings for Supines. P1 Supine while P2 runs the loop. Did that twice.

28 Curls/Tri’s

Clue 4: Find on the map where gold was first discovered on the east coast. The answer I was looking for was Howie Gold Mine here in Waxhaw though a quick google search has several sites claiming to be the first including Reed Gold Mine here in NC as well a place in Georgia.

Quick run back to COT. TIME.


  • New guy crushed his first workout. Named Beacon after the Beacon Theatre in Spartanburg. Close second was damper since he works for an AC company.
  • Sledge and Butter Man with a return to boot camps killed it today. Great push guys.
  • Noonan and JWoww putting their respects knowledge to work today on the Scavenger Hunt/Trivia portion of the workout.
  • Deadbolt quietly becoming a regular. Hard to miss him in that bright yellow hat. Reminds me of my old school cub scout hat.
  • Watergate has made it to two workouts I’ve been to this week (Another reminder to add him to pax list). Keep it up!


Kensington Elementary Project – August 13th. Meet there at 7:45 with rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, and blowers. We will be spreading mulch, planting flowers, and cleaning up around the school. Be on the look out for more opportunities to give back to our sites going forward.

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