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Hot A#$-Floater

DICCS– all the normal stuff given to include safety, modify and CPR/Cell

Warm up – Quick pace around dream chasers and down road to BB and T lot.

15- SSH- Stretch, runners pose, plank, upward and downward dog

Mosey down road up and around Blythe Road and crossroad as a group near apartments.

The Thang

Complete 3 times

light 1- 10 bomb jacks

between lights 2-3 – 10 dry docks

light 4- 10 Bonnie Blair’s

Uphill to stop sign alternate between mosey and sprinting at each light (7 light poles).

Head towards church lot on Jackson Street and stop on way there for a few Bonnie Blairs/Jump Squats/Dry Docks

In Lot- Big Boy, Merkin, LBC/Pistol Webb

1- big boy- 2 merkins- 4 LBC’s (increase Big Boys by 1 and Lbcs by 4 each time with some mixing in of Pistol LBS)- Got to 7 big boys-28lbcs

Mosey to 701 Main for some sprint work but on the way stop for 10 Bonnies, 10 jump Squats, 10 Bobby Hurleys, 10 bomb Jacks

At 701 main lot- sprint across lot for 10 Bonnie Blairs, sprint back for 10 Bomb Jacks, sprint across lot for 10 Jump Squats, sprint back for 10 Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey up to the creamery and finish Webb- 8,9,10

Back to COT..


Great group today who pushed themselves even though Ice-9’s chatter/ Q jacking

Great meeting Seabass and seeing Minute Man back out


Ice 9 is looking for help Saturday for 45mins- 1.5 hrs. with two loads for Christ Clothes

Keep Mad Dogs father-in-law in your prayers

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